Shoes – Part 2

Shoes 2.1
Shoes – Lafayette Puzzle Factory (Cra-Z-Art) – 125/500 pieces

Part two of these fabulous shoes, we’d all look great in these – perhaps if put them on while we’re already sitting. Speaking only for myself, if I tried to stand up in shoes like these I would topple over fairly quickly. I’d take out whoever was close to me on my way down too!

These small shaped puzzles were so fun to assemble, and I wish Lafayette Puzzle Factory/Cra-Z-Art had more sets of them. Each smaller puzzle has a colored backing to assist in sorting them; you can use the backing to sort each puzzle, or you can forget the backing and assemble these as a 500 piece puzzle, sorting only by colors and patterns. Either was/is fun for me. I love these puzzles!

Shoes 2.2

Pretty in pink. Once again I grew up in the 80’s, so I’m predisposed to love bright pink and diamond-like studs. And the polka-dots make it even better!

Shoes 2.3

Ooh, I love the color of this blue! The gold accents make it even better in my opinion. They’d look great on me, while I was sitting and not trying to move or stand up, because….honestly, I’d kill myself trying to walk in these!

Shoes 2.4

This is my favorite of these three; black lacy shoes with ribbons and diamond studs – would look great against my lily white skin (I don’t go outside much). Black goes with everything, black makes a person look slimmer, black is gorgeous!

Shoes – Part 1

Shoes 1.1
Shoes – Lafayette Puzzle Factory (Cra-Z-Art) – 125/500 pieces

The small, shaped mini puzzles are so entertaining for me, and perfect to work on when I can’t sit at the puzzle table. I can either use my white board or assemble them in trays while I’m in bed. Fantastic when my P.A.D.S. is kicking in and I really need to puzzle!

This was one of my favorite sets of the mini puzzles, I love the wild and crazy shoes and the super high heels – as puzzles. If I tried to walk or even stand up in any of these shoes I would most definitely fall over, crash into things on my way down, break bones, and stain the floors with my blood.

My first thought when I was assembling these puzzles for the first time was that they would be amazing glued and hung in the room of a young girl – I know I would have loved to have them hanging on my walls when I was a teenager. 👠

Shoes 1.2

This one looks a little dangerous! If you accidentally bump the front of this shoe into someone or something there could be problems! Love the black stripes on this one.

Shoes 1.3

This one is my favorite out of this group of three. Seems a little wild and crazy for a little old lady who loves jigsaw puzzles doesn’t it? Well, I’m a child of the 80’s. As a teenager at the beginning of the 80’s, all around me were Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, doubled up polo shirts, scrunched up socks, giant earrings, bright crazy neon colors, and much much more. As a result, my brain tells me that neon pink and black is the perfect combination and I love these shoes. 💗🖤

Shoes 1.4

These are fun, and with all those colors they would go with many many outfits. I’m not loving the yellow heel, but every shoe can’t be for everyone. The zig zig pattern also reminds me of the 80’s, perhaps I’m just feeling nostalgic today for my youth.

Wouldn’t these shoes look great with some gold lamé hammer pants and a ripped, off-the-shoulder Flashdance sweatshirt? 🤩