Street Food…In Progress

Street Food IP
Street Food by Shanghee Shin – Re-marks – 300 pieces

I not only finished yesterday’s puzzle, another one got started too. That, ladies and gentlemen, is progress! (For me)

Re-marks may not be a “premium” brand, but I appreciate their catalog of fun and interesting collages; and to be honest I can overlook a bunch of puzzle dust or a slightly spongy fit if it means having images that are fun and exciting to assemble. 🙂

Hubby is off fishing this morning (thank goodness for hobbies that get him out of my hair for several hours at a time), and so hopefully this puzzle shouldn’t take long at all. I won’t be hearing “Honey where is my…” and “Babe, do you remember where I put…” or “Could you come at look at…..”

Here’s to a productive weekend of puzzling and relaxation!

Best Friends

Best Friends
Best Friends – Buffalo – 300 pieces

Stacey loves herself some puppy puzzles, and here’s another one. Look at those adorable faces – completely irresistible!

The scarves on this one were the most difficult part for me, it wasn’t always easy to tell which way things went and what went where. But overall this puzzle wasn’t too terribly challenging, and in the end you get this sweet image of two best friends. Aw!