Winged Things 17

Winged Things
Winged Things 17 – Milton Bradley – 300 pieces

This is a gorgeous image that was a little challenging too – it needed just the right amount of brain power. It’s a great little puzzle that I think looks amazing. The name of the puzzle makes me wonder what the other 16 Winged Things look like, and I also wonder if they were made into puzzles.

Normally there isn’t much discussion about the boxes puzzles come in, but this one was was something worth talking about. The box was so enormously difficult to open that I had to have one of my sons help me. It’s just a round-ish box with one flat side (easier to put on the shelves I’m assuming). Seriously, it was so difficult to open it took two grown people working together, and we had to use a butter knife to pry the pieces apart. We must have looked like a couple of world class mindless idiots – we couldn’t open a cardboard box! (Thank goodness there is no video evidence of this to add to my humiliation)

Once we finally got the box open I had a fabulous time putting this together. The piece shapes were interesting, and the colorful image made for such entertaining puzzling. This puzzle had a somewhat loose fit but it wasn’t too bad, and the image reproduction was absolutely beautiful.

Winged Things 1

The center was very unusual; most circular puzzles have 3 pieces that form a small circle, but this one had eight pizza shaped pieces – very interesting – and it added to the difficulty as well.

It isn’t often that you see circular 300 piece puzzles, but I was very happy to find this at the store. I only bought two of them, but there were more; I might have to go back and get another one. 😉


Wings by Sasha Carolina – Buffalo – 300 pieces

A beautiful, colorful puzzle that was actually quite calming for me to assemble. The bright colors made it relatively easy, but all the birds and butterflies made for a bit of a challenge; the perfect combination.

Great quality puzzle with thick pieces that fit together well and a good variety of shapes. The image reproduction was bright and clear, but the finish was extremely shiny. It’s part of Buffalo’s Vivid Collection, perhaps that’s the reason for the shininess. It’s a bright image though, and the shine didn’t cause too much glare while working under artificial light.