Street Food

Street Food by Shanghee Shin – Re-marks – 300 pieces

This puzzle sat on my board from the middle of August last year when I took my break, until January, 2021 – that’s when I finally photographed it and put it away. Talk about just walking away from puzzles. Yeesh!

Re-marks puzzles seem to range from very good to fair quality. I’ve had a couple of their puzzles that were full of “hanging chads”, that extra paper hanging on the backs of pieces; a very spongy fit that you have to work at, etc. But I’ve also done several of their puzzles that have been very good quality as well. The deciding factor for me is normally the image. I can put up with a lot of quality “issues” if the image is one that delights or informs, or just makes me happy. Their collage puzzles are a joy to assemble. 👍

Tuna flavored hot dogs? Ew! There are so many words in this image, but these jumped out at me, new tuna flavor? No thank you. 🤢

Perhaps some of you will remember that when the fit of a puzzle is particularly tight, Stacey likes to stand it up on it’s end and photograph it standing on it’s own. Apparently, this also causes Stacey to speak about herself in the third person. Interesting.

This was the last puzzle I assembled before I took my break; so it’s the last puzzle I’m posting about that I don’t remember assembling. From now on you can be sure any puzzle I post about I will have some memory of the assembly. Unless I fall down and hit my head or something.

It’s entirely possible. I fall a LOT. 🤕


Candylicious by Aimee Stewart – Buffalo (Vivid Collection) – 300 pieces

Longtime readers will remember that my favorite puzzle artist is Aimee Stewart, her use of color is stunning and her shelf puzzles have provided me with hours and hours of enjoyment. The very first time I attempted a 2000 piece puzzle it was her beautiful artwork that gave me the confidence to even give it a try. Her puzzles make me happy!

The Buffalo Vivid Collection puzzles are true to their name – the colors are so vivid! I’ve done several, and they’ve all been fabulous quality with exceptional image reproduction. They are highly recommended. Very highly.

Love all the gummy bears, especially the ones that have different colored heads! I’ve never come across any like that in the wild, have you?

That looks like the most refreshing slushy ever. With my inner child deciding to play with matches – causing serious hot flashes – this drink would be most welcome at my house. Yum!

I adore the look of these candies, for some reason that I seem unable to put into words at the moment. Suffice it to say that I simply love the artwork of Aimee Stewart and even though I don’t recall specifically this assembly, I can say with absolutely certainty that there isn’t one little bit of this image that wasn’t entertaining to assemble. She is a puzzle artist goddess and her work makes me extremely happy!