Rue L’Amour

Rue L’Amour – Cobble Hill Puzzles – 500 pieces

This was another thrift store purchase, and I really loved this one! It’s just a gorgeous street in Paris with a bridal store and it reminds me of a friend who got married just over a year ago. The whole time I was assembling it I was thinking about her wedding preparations (the fun AND the stress) and it just reminded me of her.

This was the I think only the 2nd Cobble Hill puzzle I had assembled at the time, and I liked it more than the 1st one. Some of the pieces seem quite dark, but honestly it wasn’t difficult to assemble at all, and the pieces didn’t seem dark when I was working the puzzle. I love the feel of the Cobble Hill puzzles with the linen finish, and even the boxes have a linen finish on them and feel luxurious! The pieces fit together quite well, and the piece shape isn’t overly visible in the completed image.

I love it when a thrift store purchase ends up being fun and challenging, and all the pieces are there too! This is a beautiful image and a great puzzle.

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