Sanctuary by Sheila Wolk – Sure Lox – 300 pieces

This was one of those puzzles that came in a “10 puzzles in 1 box” deal. I really liked this image, and one of the others which I did and took pictures of, but we didn’t keep the box or any of the puzzles. They went back to Goodwill. Not great quality. 😐 But even when we are not happy with a thrift store puzzle, we didn’t pay that much for it – $1.99 is the most we ever pay, so we’re not upset.

That being said, I still love the image in this puzzle. The colors are muted but pretty, the clothing on the fairy is fun and interesting, I just liked everything about it. It took me quite a while to find the artist and title of this image online, I had nothing to go on other than it was in a 10 in 1 box, that’s all I knew! I’m glad I could find it though to give credit to the artist for her beautiful artwork, Sheila Wolk this is a gorgeous image!

The pieces were very thin, there was no diversity in the piece shapes as they were all 2 hole 2 prong types. Boring. The pieces fit together well, which was a plus, but otherwise it was all about the picture for me. I liked the image so much I did it anyway! I’m glad I have the picture, because I still enjoy looking at it. It’s so pretty!

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