Toadstool Brook

Toadstool Brook

This was such a fun puzzle, with absolutely beautiful artwork by Steve Read. It’s been on my shelf for quite a long time, I’m not even sure how long. While looking for a puzzle with less than 1000 pieces I spotted this one way in the back; thank goodness!

Quality-wise, this puzzle was only good/fair. The fit was pretty loose, which is always a bit disappointing. But, as a whole it was still entertaining to put together, that is more than half the battle! The artwork by Steve Read is stunning, and I’m kicking myself for not getting a good closeup picture of the fairies’ faces – they are absolutely gorgeous!

Toadstool Brook 1

There are 22 fairies in total for you to find, some of them took me quite a while to locate. If you’re not paying attention this fairy hidden in the toadstool is easy to pass over. Of course you’re seeing it right away – I’m showing you right where it is! 😉

Toadstool Brook 2

This fairy wasn’t too difficult to find, but it did take me a little longer than I’d like to admit. My glasses needed to be cleaned. I’m not old. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I got a really great glow in the dark picture with this one, which surprised me. This puzzle has been on the shelf for at least 2 years, possibly more. I was pretty sure that the chemical that makes it glow would have petered out, but this puzzle produced an awesome picture.

Toadstool Brook 3

I don’t usually get such good glow images, so this one really pleased me. I love a good glow in the dark picture!

Selfies In Progress

Selfies IP
Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – 500 pieces

I fretted over doing too many of these small shaped puzzles in a row. But then I remembered this blog is about the puzzles I assemble. I’m not in a mood for a bunch of 1000 piece puzzles right now, smaller and easier to do in little bits of time is where I’m at.

Plus, I just got myself a bunch of new sets, of course I want to do them!

Selfies is the one I chose to put together next, although because they’re all aquatic animals I think “Underwater Selfies” might have been a better title. Oh well, they’re so cute it doesn’t matter. 😍

Look at the smile on this one – how silly and adorable is that? I love it!