The Wedding Shop

The Wedding Shop
The Wedding Shop by John O’Brien – FX Schmid – 300 pieces

This is the second time I have assembled this image. The first time it was named Rue L’Amour , was made by Cobble Hill, and was 500 pieces. The assembly was lovely both times, but I think I preferred the Cobble Hill only because it had more pieces and was a little more of a challenge.

They were both excellent quality puzzles. FX Schmid has (mostly) Ravensburger quality with a wonderful fit and beautiful image reproduction. I think this is the first 300 piece from this brand that I’ve worked, and it was quite nice. There was the slightest bit of warping on the pieces, but I live in the land of humidity so it’s difficult to say whether or not that played any part in it.

The Wedding Shop 1

John O’Brien really captures the dreamy quality of wedding gowns in a bridal shop in this image, it’s just beautiful.

4 thoughts on “The Wedding Shop

    1. It is beautiful, and I agree in would be better in a higher count; although with the brush strokes I think it would be quite a challenge as a 1000 piece. I preferred the 500 piece Cobble Hill version I assembled a few years ago. But then again, you’re the JVH master so this image at 1000 pieces would be a walk in the park for you! (Or should I say a stroll down a Paris street?) 🙂


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