Dog Selfies – Day 4

Dog Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

Sadly we have come to the final day of Dog Selfies; but never fear, there are four more sets of Cra-Z-Art puzzles here that need to be assembled – including main street buildings, butterflies, and two different sets of “selfies”. Those will be a treat to post about!

Have you tried any of these puzzles yet, or are you just having fun reading about them and have no interest in assembling them yourself? Just wondering. I highly recommend them, and am always on the lookout for new sets or old ones that I may have missed. My hope is that Cra-Z-Art continues to make them and come up with new ideas for new sets; they make me very happy indeed.

And now, the final three mini biographies…

Wesley. Dear, sweet Wesley. He is one of the kindest and most patient pups out there, and he needs to be. Wesley works as a sober companion living with and assisting recovering addicts. His current client is a recovering leather addict and has refrained from chewing any shoes or furniture for almost 17 weeks. When he isn’t working with clients Wesley enjoys teaching himself new skills and is at the moment learning cross-stitching and all forms of needlework and embroidery.

Rhonda works from home as a medical transcriptionist, which leaves her plenty of time for her other passion – pretending to work in the yard so she can keep tabs on her neighbors. She’s a busybody who is always minding everyone else’s business and you DO NOT want to get on her bad side; she tries to watch and see all, and is the worst gossip there is. Don’t be fooled by that face – Rhonda is a know-it-all backstabbing b*tch.

This is Bubbles, and she is a professional cheerleader for the Burbank Badgers. Her expressive face and killer dance moves have seen her rise to the rank of captain of the squad, and she loves to help choreograph their dance routines as well. When she’s not cheering on her team Bubbles enjoys spending her time searching flea markets and antique stores for hidden treasures, and is hoping to find a that one rare item that could finance her retirement. Good luck with your treasure hunting Bubbles!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey through my weird and warped mind with these posts of dog selfies. Creating names and backstories for these little puzzles is, at times, an entertaining break from real life. They may not be as engrossing for you as they are for me, but I do the best I can. 😎

16 thoughts on “Dog Selfies – Day 4

  1. Liana

    Thanks for the laughs! Loved all the profiles. I don’t have the Dog Selfie set yet, but now I must buy it!!
    My favourite that I’ve done so far of these is the Unicorns.

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  2. Beth

    I love the idea of the shaped mini-puzzles by Cra-Z-Art. Out of all of them, I would like to acquire the cottage-themed one. Wal-mart sells it online, last I checked it was on sale for $8.50 (Amazon has it at nearly twice as much) but it’s not at my local store and I’m not a Wal-mart Prime member so I’d need to spend either $25 or $35 to get free shipping and there’s nothing else that I need from Wal-mart.

    P.S. What’s a Galison puzzle doing on your board right now?! Since you’ve swore off that brand I can only assume that this was a gift from perhaps your dd or was a thrift store find from awhile ago…

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      1. Beth

        I hope you’ll share many close-up of all those doggos at their jobbos. The dachund and sheepdog are hilarious as is the sharpei 🤣 I look forward to reading your review for that puzzle.

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      2. Beth

        P.S. I saw a MasterPieces puzzle at the store the other day, 550 pieces. I was tempted to purchase because the image was great but I have zero experience with this brand. Do you have an opinion to share about this brand?

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      3. MasterPieces can sometimes be hit or miss; but more often than not I’ve had good experiences with them. They’re very reasonably priced and can be very good quality. The only way to know for sure if they’re a brand you will like is to give them a try.


      4. Beth

        I’ll probably give the MasterPieces puzzle a try as the image was quite unique, I think it was $12.99 for the 550 piece puzzle — a little bit more than Buffalo charges for their 500 pieces. It will be a gift for my husband. He does appreciate a good quality made puzzle but at the same time he’s also not as not as persnickety as I am when it comes to puzzle quality. There was just one of that particular puzzle on the shelf so I’ll have to go back one day next week and see if it’s still there 🤞

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      5. Beth

        Hurray! The puzzle was there! Will be gifting this to my husband later in March for his birthday.

        The “BBQ & Blues” is part of a six puzzle Good Eats collection by MasterPieces. They can all be seen on the MasterPieces website. I wonder if any of these images, as you would say, are or are not your pile of pieces?

        I was a good girl and came home with only one puzzle, despite seeing this shenanigans filled 550-piece puzzle by Ceaco for just $10.95. We’ve acquired so many puzzles recently that I couldn’t justify buying this one, especially knowing that Ceaco’s quality can be hit or miss too. However, if it goes on sale anytime soon I will likely scoop it up 😸

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      6. Beth

        It’s not easy 😉 but I was looking in the closet the other day and I found two 1000-piece book collage puzzles by Re-marks still sealed that I’m pretty sure were purchased pre-pandemic, so that was a long while ago! And then there’s several (!!) new puzzles we’ve recently acquired over the past few months, including one puzzle box that has four (!!) 500-piece puzzles inside. (And I’m counting those four puzzles as one being lumped in with the “several” since the puzzles are all in one box 😉 If that makes any sense)

        I very much enjoy assembling puzzles I’ve already put together so it’s not like we need more puzzles, but sometimes a puzzle image is just too hard to resist and I scoop it up.

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  3. Deb

    I love reading about them but don’t think I’d enjoy putting them together. My favorites are “artsy” puzzles and collages.
    I think you would be awesome at writing a children’s book! Your descriptions and plots would really hold their interest.

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