Puzzle of a Puzzle

Puzzle of a Puzzle
Puzzle of a Puzzle – Cra-Z-Art – 100 pieces

I was waiting for a prescription for my dad to be ready at the pharmacy, and of course I ended up looking at the puzzles while I passed the time. I saw this 100 piece puzzle series from Cra-Z-Art and just had to get the puzzle puzzle!

For only 100 pieces, this was quite a challenge. The pieces were very large, and the quality was fair/good. They have 6 images in this series of Cra-Z Difficult puzzles, and they all look pretty difficult if you ask me.

It was a fun distraction after finishing a 1000 piece puzzle, and a quick fix for someone who suffers from PADS and needed a jolt of puzzle dust. 😉


Koala – CraZart – 100 pieces

More fun than I thought. Thinner pieces and difficult image, but entertaining nonetheless. Kids puzzles make my happy – I’m still able to puzzle when I’m not feeling well, but it isn’t the commitment of a 1000 piece puzzle that might take days.

These days my anxiety is getting the better of me and although I want to work on my puzzles some days being able to get out bed and actually get to it is extremely difficult.