What’s In Progress?

Happy Sunday dear readers! What’s happening on your boards this weekend? I finished up the Dogs with Jobs, completed a 150 piece mini (it was so cool!), and have started sorting my next puzzle – a 1000 piece Hot Cocoa collage. I’m hoping it’s as much fun as it looks!

I’m certain you’ve noticed that recently I’ve been posting every third day about what’s in progress instead of posting only new puzzles every day; that’s because my queue of puzzles has dwindled down quite a bit and I’m trying to stretch them out. Hubby has needed me to be his helper and chauffeur since the beginning of the month when he had his surgery, and it’s worn me out – the puzzling has slowed down significantly.

He has just this week had his sutures removed and is now able to walk with a boot, though not all the time. Since the crutches and scooter are not needed nearly as much now I’ve been back at the puzzle board – thank goodness. My services, including making meals and carrying things are no longer as in demand as they were before and I now have a bit more time for myself. Yay!

So what are you all up to? Working on something fun? Something awful? Have you been shopping in stores or online and found anything exciting?

Do tell!

12 thoughts on “What’s In Progress?

  1. beth

    I’ve been working on Cabin Rules by Puzzle Twist for about a week now. I *love* the concept behind all the Puzzle Twist collections. It really does make for a very different, fun, and challenging puzzling experience. I’m nearing the finish line — but the “Cabin Rules” section with the oars/paddles is such a bear!

    The hot cocoa collage looks fun, I recognize one of the hot chocolate images from a Wentworth wooden jigsaw puzzle that was also hot cocoa themed — it’s the chocolate image in the top row.

    As for puzzle shopping online, I have indeed gotten some terrific deals as I *love* to scoop up puzzles below MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price). I recently did an Amazon order for three Buffalo brand puzzles and the puzzles were either $9.99 or $10.99 for 1,000 piece puzzles.

    Please don’t worry at all about your posts in queue dwindling down or that you are posting about WIP (what’s in progress) during the week. It’s lovely that you post daily but please don’t impose any kind of pressure on yourself. All your puzzle fans waited patiently for a new post while you had that super duper long break last year and we’ll still be sticking around and visiting, regardless of how often you post during the week or what kinds of posts you do post during the week.

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    1. Your cabin rules puzzles looks fun, but the colors seem very muted – are they? I do enjoy Puzzle Twist, there are very interesting twists! Have you found Maynard in your puzzle? I enjoy seeing where they’ve hidden him. 🧩

      I tried a little shopping yesterday, but online shopping isn’t usually my thing for cardboard puzzles, I prefer to see and hold the boxes before I buy. Just picky I suppose.

      Thanks for the encouragement Beth, sometimes I need it. 😊


      1. Beth

        I suppose the colors are muted (earth tones) when compared to the bright colorful puzzle images of say an artist like Aimee Stewart. When I first spilled out the pieces it was a bit overwhelming because the color palette is more muted than I’m accustomed to, but once I got going the experience got better. I remember seeing Maynard when I was sifting through pieces, I’ll have to see if I can find him again once the puzzle is fully assembled.

        I buy puzzles both online and instore. I’ve gotten some excellent deals online. When we were Barnes & Noble members ($25 for the yearly membership, free unlimited shipping no matter the order total) I purchased several great puzzles (at varying times) that were on clearance. I got a couple of 1,000 piece Charles Wysocki’s (Buffalo) for probably $5 or $6 and definitely a few 500 piece Re-marks puzzles for probably somewhere between $6 – $8. I have no idea why the puzzles were so deeply discounted. Only one of them was a seasonal Christmas puzzle.

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  2. I just placed a large order with PuzzleOffensive, but it will be some time before I get it, some puzzles I got were marked as available in June. They finally had the new Heye puzzles up for order, so quite a few of those will make their way to me, in the fullness of time. In the meantime, I’m working on a Ravensburger called The Farrier.

    And definitely don’t feel that you have to post every day, as nice as it is to hear from you 🙂

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  3. Deb

    If I had a clue on how to add a picture I’d show you but seeing as I don’t – I am working on an absolutely beautiful puzzle from the Smithsonian Seed Catalogue collection from Eurographics, “Flowers”. I also have “Fruits” which will be next up. If you’re not familiar with these images I hope you will check them out. The artwork is gorgeous.
    I’m glad you can take off your chauffeur cap and chef’s hat and enjoy more puzzling time!

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