Dog Selfies – Day 3

Dog Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

These three were the funniest in my opinion, and with every name I gave them it made me laugh even more. I absolutely adored these puzzles, especially these three faces!

I mean, how can you look at these three silly puppy faces and not laugh? They’re hysterical, and they lent themselves to names that just immediately popped into my head when I looked at them. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth and I can’t settle on the right name for the right face; but these three let me know who they were with no hesitation at all.

This is my friend Mingus. Mingus is a freelance photographer who doesn’t sell many of his pictures, but he tries his best. He always seems to catch his subjects at exactly the wrong moment, but sometimes those make for more “interesting” images. Mingus is looking for love on many dating sites/apps, but has so far failed to find a heart-mate (I fear it’s because he took his own picture to put on his profile – the one above). He is a homebody who enjoys making and stuffing his own sausage, and creating elaborate dollhouses. Sweet, silly, simple Mingus.

Henrietta here is the best loved third grade teacher at Precocious Pups Primary School. She loves to encourage her students to study what they love best and are most interested in, and is always ready for a field trip to someplace fun. Her class is the most requested, and every third grader under her tutelage loves going to school. Henrietta loves watching trashy tv in her spare time – dating shows are her favorite, and she enjoys taking ski trips with her partner whenever she can.

Everyone, meet Greg. He is the MOST enthusiastic canine officer you’ll ever find, and loves nothing more than chasing down a suspect and keeping him busy until backup arrives. He’s hoping to be promoted to the drug enforcement unit soon, but he’s having trouble with sinus issues – it’s hard for him to smell anything at the moment – therefore drug detection may be a problem for him. Greg and his wife Millie have 13 pups, and coming home to play with them all is his great joy. Perhaps there’s a budding canine officer or two in the litter – you never know. 🚔🚓

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