Kellogg’s Vintage – Day 4

Kellogg’s Vintage – RoseArt – approx. 125/500 pieces

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) we have come to the end of the vintage Kellogg’s mascot puzzles. They were so entertaining to put together and a welcome way for me to step back into puzzles after a long hiatus. 💕🧩

I’m old, but apparently not old enough to remember who two of those mascots are. I know the frog in the middle is Dig ‘Em, but the other two don’t look familiar at all. AT ALL. I feel old.

I am old.

There was a bit of sleuthing required to find out their names; the monkey on the left is Jose and he was the mascot for Cocoa Krispies. He didn’t last long at that job because it was felt that Jose with his cabana boy hat and bongo drum was an ethnic stereotype. Having seen quite a few older commercials from the 50’s and 60’s I absolutely wouldn’t doubt that he was stereotypical – at the very least.

The chipmunk on the right is Sugar Pops Pete. He sure looks like he’s having a good time, doesn’t he? I used to like Sugar Pops when I was a young’un; it’s another one of those cereals that ended up taking the word “sugar” out of their name. Heaven forbid! Sugar! *clutching my pearls*

If you’re new here, these are 500 piece puzzles from RoseArt/Lafayette Puzzle Factory; each puzzle is a set of 12-18 smaller shaped puzzles in various themes. Each smaller puzzle has a different colored backing – you can choose to work the entire set as one large 500 piece puzzle, or sort them according to color and work on each smaller image individually. I’ve found that either way is entertaining, it all depends on what you prefer.

These sets of small shaped puzzles always bring me joy. If they look like you might enjoy them too they are highly recommended. 🥣

Kellogg’s Vintage – Day 3

Kellogg’s Vintage – RoseArt – approx. 125/500 pieces

More of the vintage Kellogg’s mascots and boxes – how many of you knew that at one point the mascot for Honey Smacks (which used to be called Sugar Smacks and seems to have been altered for this puzzle) was a seal? I never knew that! A quick search tells me his name was Smaxey the Seal. I watched an old commercial with Smaxey on YouTube and, uh, it was something.

For me, the vintage image of Tony the Tiger is so odd looking with those eyes, I don’t ever recall seeing this version of him way back in the Cretaceous period when I was young. 🦖

Still, even though Tony’s eyes were freaking me out and I was completely in the dark about who the seal was, these puzzles were still entertaining to assemble and I enjoyed myself very much.

Anyone else out there tried these puzzle sets? Aren’t they great fun?

Kellogg’s Vintage – Day 2

Kellogg’s Vintage – RoseArt – approx. 125/500 pieces

All the mascots have changed so much, it’s interesting to look back on where they started out. You probably can’t read it, but underneath Toucan Sam’s bowl it says “Real fruit flavor in a crystallized oat cereal”. That doesn’t sound very appetizing to me at all – crystallized? Ick. 🤮

If you haven’t tried any of these sets from RoseArt/Lafayette Puzzle Factory I highly recommend giving them a go. There are so many great sets out there and they are good quality. They aren’t premium quality puzzles, but they’re extremely entertaining and great for when you don’t have much time. The backs are color coded so that you can sort them easily and if you want you can grab a pile of pieces and a cup of coffee and complete an entire image. Love it!

Kellogg’s Vintage – Day 1

Kellogg’s Vintage – RoseArt – approx. 125/500 pieces

After many months of zero puzzling I was too chicken to start with a larger puzzle right away upon my return; so I got one of my multipack puzzles out and worked on these 12 mini puzzles instead. You won’t be surprised to find out I had a great time assembling them – as usual.

It was so fascinating to see all the older mascots for Kellogg’s cereals. Quite a few of them I’d never seen before; and many of the older versions of the current mascots were just as entertaining to see. Vintage Tony the Tiger looks very odd to me. 🐯

Lights, Camera – Puzzle!

Lights, Camera – Puzzle! – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

This was the companion image to the 3D puzzle that I posted back in March 2022. It was a difficult image for me, and I found myself constantly checking the online image to see where the tiny things made of two pieces went.

This one was apparently too hard for hubby as well, because after many days of no progress I had to take it out of the bathroom and work on it under better lighting in the puzzle room. Oh well, that’s alright, it got completed, and it must have been somewhat entertaining because I didn’t just give up on it.

All recollections were either typed up when I composed the draft of this post, or found from my blurb on the completed puzzles page of the blog. Thank goodness there’s something around to jog this aged old memory!

Love a double sided image!