National Geographic Magazines

National Geographic Magazines – Buffalo – 500 pieces

This was much more entertaining than I’d expected, what a lovely surprise! There was something about this I saw when shopping for puzzles, and honestly it confused me why I wanted it so much. Normally photographic images aren’t my pile of pieces at all, but this one spoke to me on some level and I knew it needed to be here for me to assemble. I was right!

It seems like a broken record for me to tell you what good quality Buffalo puzzles are, but it’s the truth with all the puzzles I’ve been assembling lately. The image reproduction especially on this puzzle was exceptional, and the rest of the quality was wonderful too.

This is the oldest actually dated magazine in the collage, from March of 1921. At 50 cents a copy it seems quite expensive (according to my internet search it would be about $8.00 today). There is a partial cover with a 25 cent price at the bottom, but the date is covered by another magazine and I can’t tell you which year it’s from.

National Geographic is 134 years old, with the first issue published in 1888. It began as a scholarly journal, but became a popular magazine a few years later. It didn’t begin publishing photographs until 1905, but photos are what it’s become known for.

Not only was this bright with easy pieces to pick out, I love what the article is called – Dragons of the Deep. It does look slightly like a dragon at the front, doesn’t it? 🐲

I just like the look of this one, that’s it. It reminds me of one of my favorite books series by Jean M. Auel that begins with Clan of the Cave Bear; there was an exciting mammoth hunt in the first book, and mammoths played a big role in subsequent books as well.

This puzzle was so much more enjoyable than I’d imagined it would be; it was wonderfully entertaining! If it looks like something you’d enjoy it is highly recommended. Great quality, great image – great puzzle.

Owl Collage

Owl Collage by Kathrin Stockebrand – Schmidt – 500 pieces

SO MUCH FUN! That truly sums up how I feel about this image and the puzzle itself, it was honestly so entertaining to assemble that I cannot find the words to express it properly. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Such amazing quality, I wish I had more Schmidt puzzles here to assemble, unfortunately their catalog doesn’t have as many puzzles that float my boat as I’d hope. The fit is sublime, the finish feels amazing, the pieces are thick and there are a great variety of shapes, the reproduction is excellent – they’re such premium, wonderful puzzles and my wish would be that more of their images were more to my taste.

The sameness of the background made it so that the puzzle wasn’t too easy; the many eyes did the same, but also helped because they were all so different. The assorted colors and patterns made it interesting, challenging, and easy all at the same time – absolutely fabulous puzzle. If this were available in 1000 pieces I’m certain I would adore assembling it again. It might even be more fun than the first time!

It was just a lovely puzzle image, and I truly adored assembling it. There are very few puzzles (for me) with both superb quality AND imagery.

This was one of those few.

Cat Selfies In Progress

Cat Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – 500 pieces

After finishing The Artist’s Desk (which was quite a challenge) I decided that I needed something quick and entertaining. Regular readers might remember that I’m not really a fan of cat puzzles, but I am definitely a fan of the Cra-Z-Art multipacks of mini shaped puzzles – no matter the subject. Even though there are twelve cat puzzles to assemble it’ll still be engrossing and fun, and that’s all I really need.

I took a little break from puzzling for about 4 days; just couldn’t get myself motivated to get out of bed and sit myself in front of the pieces – but I’m back at it now and feeling a little bit better.

Hopefully these kitties will put a smile back on my face and more pieces on the board. 😊


Typefaces by Hugo Maciel – Ravensburger – 500 pieces

This interesting image was much more difficult than I thought it would be, but still loads of fun! The artwork looks like it was done in crayon or something other than digital or paint. It took me a bit to get used to it, but I found the challenge intriguing and completely captivating.

It was great quality, of course, it’s a Ravensburger. The feel of the pieces, the fit, the variety in piece shapes, the image reproduction – all wonderful. I expect nothing less, and they absolutely delivered.

Typefaces is the title, because if you look at each face you’ll see that each represents a letter of the English alphabet. Sometimes it isn’t the whole face, parts of it are shaded so that only part of the face forms the letter – it’s really quite ingenious if you ask me. It took me a minute when I first looked at it to actually see the letters, and when I did of course I had to have it. Plus, it’s a collage, and you know how much I adore them.

There was something about the color-blocked background in this section, I really enjoyed putting it together.

You can see how the background looks very different than the usual brush strokes or digital color. It made it more difficult at times, but sometimes difficult is fun. 😎

New Month, New Puzzle

National Geographic Magazines – Buffalo – 500 pieces

Happy May everyone! Where in the world has the year gone? I can’t believe it’s May already; this month will be hubby’s and my 34th wedding anniversary – OMG we’re old!

Anyway, this old lady is working on this extremely cool image of National Geographic magazines. Normally photographic puzzles aren’t my thing, but there was something interesting about this one. I can’t put my finger on it, but it spoke to me when I saw it; you know how I am about giving puzzles a good home, just…can’t…resist.

There could be worse vices, puzzles aren’t that bad, so I just embrace it. It keeps this little old lady out of the bars and off the streets at night. 👵❤🧩

Happy May, and happy puzzling my friends!