Dog Selfies – Day 1

Dog Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

Here we go again – more adorable little mini puzzles! This time it’s silly puppy faces with Howard Robinson’s selfie images; there is much cuteness to be had. ❤🐶❤

These mini puzzle sets from Cra-Z-Art are exactly my pile of pieces. Being able to separate them by their colored backing and then assemble each small puzzle one at a time is great for when you may not have the time or inclination to work on a larger piece count. Or if you’re feeling like a challenge and want to assemble this as a straight up 500 piece puzzle, this set in particular would be more difficult than most as the colors aren’t as bright or varied as many of the other sets.

Every dog here has been given a name and small backstory straight from the warped and weird mind of yours truly. Because they’re all drawn with funny selfie faces they make me think of more “out of the box” or “different” names – I’m not sure why, but that is where my mind goes. Also, I’m not immediately familiar with every breed in this set so giving every one a name that starts with the same letter as the breed (as I did with the birds) wasn’t something I could do.

This is Gunther. He is an enforcer for a loan shark, and his reputation does all the work for him. He doesn’t have to do any actual harm to anyone, he just leaves a “gift” in the yard of any dog who is late with a payment and before you know it things are as they should be. Gunther enjoys short walks on the beach, taking the ladies out to the clubs, and binge-watching metal working shows on tv. He’s a complicated guy.

Irina here is a ballerina with the Houston Ballet. She has been working to become the prima ballerina of the company but to be honest I doubt she’ll get there (those short legs are a hindrance). Irina loves to choregraph for all types of dance, and I believe she’ll be an excellent choreographer when her dance career is over. She lives in a small apartment with her husband Jake, and they spend all their free time working on the fixer-upper house they’ve purchased.

Everyone, meet Cletus. Cletus means well, but is always getting things messed up. He is a security guard at night, only because sitting and watching monitors is about all he can reasonably be counted on to do. He tries, but usually does the opposite of whatever he should do. Cletus loves making his own homemade ice cream and watching cooking videos on YouTube. He’s a sweetheart and he means well, that makes up for a lot.

8 thoughts on “Dog Selfies – Day 1

  1. Beth

    P.S. I took a peek at your February tab and goodness I can’t believe how quickly you completed the 1000 piece Queen of Hearts puzzle. I saw that you did a 100 piece Snoopy puzzle by a company called Vista Puzzles. I did a google search and no company website came up. Do you still have the box? Is there any info on it that you could share? Thank you.

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