Dog Selfies – Day 2

Dog Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

If you ask me Howard Robinson is a master at capturing animals, and to give them such silly and cute faces is probably not an easy task. I love all of his animal selfies, they really make me laugh – and smile.

Hubby loved seeing this set on the table as I was completing them (we share the “office” now as he works primarily from home), and I explained that normally when I post about puzzles like these they are given names and small backstories about who they are. He decided to name these three. I commented that one looks like an idiot, one looks sweet but a little stupid, and one looks like the most intelligent of the bunch. Hubby said that we should name them after family members, which made us both laugh out loud.

Now, I’m certainly not saying that our family members are less than intelligent, this just made us both laugh and I decided to go with it. So if you know my family please don’t rat me out! 😉

Steve. Poor Steve. He tries, he really does. Steve is “between jobs” at the moment, but wants to be a husband for rent, so to speak. He wants to basically be a handyman who helps out at the homes of single people who cannot do their own home repairs. If only he knew how to actually do repairs of any kind, then he’d be all set. Steve enjoys putt-putt golf, making his own jerky, and hanging out with his friends. He isn’t a complicated guy, but he means well.

Meet David everyone. David is serious, studious, and a meticulous planner. He can keep everyone in line and on schedule, even with the unruly bunch that he sometimes associates with. David works in quality control for a manufacturing plant and makes sure that everything is as it should be with every single part produced – which is the perfect job for his personality. In his free time he enjoys playing computer solitaire, watching tv with his wife and children, and deep-sea fishing.

Billy here is very sweet, but doesn’t really understand much. He’s on his fourth career and gets by well enough, but doesn’t really comprehend as much as he should. Billy would be happy to help you out with whatever he can, but he’s very busy chasing leaves and squirrels in the front yard much of the time. He enjoys getting his hair brushed, watching cars racing on tv, and many many naps.

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