Focus by Karen Bloomfield – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 40 pieces

My first mini puzzle from Mr. Bob – I liked it very much! I chose this one specifically because it looked as though it would be a challenge. It was.

It was the usual well made wooden puzzle from Mr. Bob Puzzles, with beautiful reproduction. Normally an image like this isn’t my pile of pieces, but being stuck in bed and only able to do small puzzles made me desire something a bit more demanding than the regular mini wooden puzzle. This one fit the bill perfectly.

As always there is a whimsy of Australia, plus some other fun shapes as well. Seeing all the great whimsy pieces is the best part of opening a new wooden puzzle – at least it is for me.

4 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Sandra

    I love the whimsy pieces in wooden puzzles too! When I open a box, I sort for the usual things and the whimsy pieces. Then I take a picture of the whimsy I found and when I flip the puzzle over after completion, I look for all the ones I missed and all the multiple piece groups that make another whimsy that are an additional bonus of wooden puzzles.

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