Atagoshita and Yabu Lane

Atagoshita and Yabu Lane
Atagoshita and Yabu Lane by Utagawa Hiroshige – Wentworth – 40 pieces

It’s hard to see the picture behind all the piece shapes on this one, but it was still a fun little puzzle to put together. I enjoy Asian images, and it’s a pity you can really see the beauty of the artwork.

I love having these micro puzzles around for when I want to do a quick puzzle and don’t have a lot of time to sit at the table, or for when I’m not feeling up to sitting there at all. These are the perfect size to work on in bed; I have trays lined with paper and can assemble a micro puzzle on them while still in bed, and even when I’m lying down.

Atagoshita whimsies

I love the whimsies for this one, the snowflake and flower are so pretty and the Asian themed ones are gorgeous.

Roses Around the Door

Roses Around the Door
Roses Around the Door by Stephen Darbishire – Wentworth – 40 pieces

More flowers! This is definitely an image that I would not want to assemble in a larger piece count – it seems indistinct and like it would be more frustrating than entertaining. Just my opinion.

I still have many micro puzzles here that I haven’t assembled, including several Christmas themed ones. I usually do Christmas in July on the blog and have a few Christmas puzzles every week, but that didn’t happen this year. I guess they’ll have to wait until the actual holiday rolls around again, or until I feel like assembling them.

Roses Around the Door whimsies