What’s In Progress…

I’m working on a wooden puzzle called Fairytale Cottage, and these are some of the whimsies – aren’t they adorable? My puzzle mojo is taking a beating so far this month, so I’m trying to get myself motivated with this beautiful wooden puzzle.

I find myself laying in bed with no inclination to get up and do anything at all. Depression sucks big time. I’ll weave my way through it, I always do, but while you’re in it it doesn’t seem as if it will ever be better; you know in your head that it will not always be this way, but you don’t feel like it will.

Hopefully this funk won’t last long, and I’ll be back at it with vigor very soon.

Story of the Lion

Story of the Lion by Amanda Michele – Sure Lox – 300 pieces

This puzzle is absolutely beautiful, but was not fun to assemble at all. It’s such a disappointment though, I really wanted to enjoy this one!

Sure Lox is much better than it used to be, with thicker pieces and a better fit: not these special editions though, it was NOT fun to work with. Adding whimsy pieces to cardboard puzzles never works the way people would hope – when things don’t connect they are constantly shifting all around and you are perpetually moving them back to where they go. It can be unbelievably frustrating – and it was.

In addition, this puzzle doesn’t lay flat – the whimsy pieces especially. As they don’t connect to anything they stick up out of the puzzle in places. Extremely annoying.

There are 75 whimsies out of 300 pieces, that’s a lot. And in this instance it isn’t a compliment. Some were huge, some small as the average puzzle piece. I found it a bit too much. Theater, if you will. Look at us, we can make fun shapes out of cardboard! Did it make for an entertaining puzzle? Nope.

Some of the pieces you can see come in different sizes, those I stacked up to be able to take the picture without using my entire board. The only one that’s image-side up is the shape of Africa; if it were turned around it would look like a bizzarro-world African continent.

Unfortunately this puzzle was not enjoyable, and I wouldn’t recommend it. Even at only 300 pieces it was difficult and cumbersome – and for me it was just annoying.

Parisian Charm

Parisian Charm by David Maclean – Wentworth – 40 pieces

I took the picture at the wrong angle on a truly bad day, I’m sorry for the shine. By the time I checked the image it was already taken apart and put away and I just wasn’t feeling up to putting it together again even though it was only 40 pieces.

This is what it’s supposed to look like….

Normally this isn’t really my kind of image, but at only 40 pieces pretty much any artwork is worth a shot in my book. It’s pretty, don’t get me wrong, it just doesn’t really excite. Just my personal opinion; we can’t all like the same things.

Very Parisian whimsies too!

Look After Your

Look After Your by Lauren Altes – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 201 pieces

This puzzle was commissioned for the national breast cancer foundation of Australia, and Mr. Bob Puzzles were the ones to produce a puzzle of this excellent artwork to raise money for the cause. I love the image – and that there are men included as well. Men can get breast cancer too, as I’m sure most of you know. When I saw this puzzle on the Mr. Bob website last year I had to have it!

It’s hard to see at first, but you can make out the title of this puzzle in the background – Look After Your…melons, peaches, lemons, apples, etc. Whatever size and shape, look after your ta-tas ladies and gentlemen!

I’ve included a copy of the image from the poster that came with the puzzle so that you could see it properly without the prominent piece shapes. I think it’s an awesome piece of artwork.

Great whimsies of the fruits and veggies used in the artwork, plus a breast cancer ribbon, dove, etc.

She is my favorite of course, because she looks like me. Gray hair, pale, glasses, sagging…..melons.😁

The Seven Chakras – Eagle Update #2

Well, I received my re-worked eagle chakra puzzle, and have finally succeeded in assembling the multipiece whimsy that represents the eagle itself – triumph!

I couldn’t be happier with the customer service I received from Liberty Puzzles, and am grateful for both their assistance with this problem and their fantastic puzzles. Once my request alerted them to my dilemma with the eagle chakra, they wasted no time in communicating with me and resolving the issue. If you ask me, they get an A+ for excellent customer service.

So, here’s the picture that tens of readers have been waiting for – all of the whimsies from the eagle puzzle – including the multipiece representation of an eagle……

See that eagle above our woman in the lotus position? That’s the little bugger that caused me so much grief; I had all the proper pieces pulled, I just couldn’t get them to fit together properly. But a little tweak from the puzzle designer to correct a slight miscalculation and voilà! Success!

This puzzle set was so fun and interesting to assemble, and I’ve also received a hint about how they all connect together (which was what I suspected you could do when it was put together the first time). So I will definitely be working with these beautiful puzzles again, especially so that I can try to connect them all together in the proper order.

And when I do, I will take a picture of the seven of them attached together as one – to show you these amazing puzzles again, and how much intricate design goes into one of their creations.

I’m still astonished by this set of stunning wooden puzzles and how much thought went into their composition and construction. Absolutely sensational!