Dogs Rule

Dogs Rule by Janna Krupinski – Buffalo – 300 pieces

Fun and quick puzzle that was the first one back at the board after too many days stuck in bed. What an adorable puzzle – look at all those sweet faces!

Great quality puzzle, although I’ve found that most companies that make 300 piece puzzles make certain that the pieces are thick and easy to hold. Many older people who puzzle prefer this size because the pieces are larger – both easier to see the image and easier to hold for those whose fine motor skills may be deteriorating. I enjoy this size because they’re normally very good quality and a nice palate cleanser after a larger piece count.

There’s really no need for any closeups of the dogs, you can clearly see all of their faces.

Except for this little one in the corner. There’s something about that smile.

My apologies to any cat lovers out there, but this sign made me laugh. It reminds me of Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey – that famous quote from Sassy, the cat. “Cats rule and dogs drool”. 🐶😸

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