Retirement by Jim Tsinganos – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 501 pieces

Love, love, love this image! Not only is it beautiful and funny, it made for a fantastic assembly. Hubby decided to get me some more puzzles from Mr. Bob (I think because he wanted to spend a little extra money on himself, and buying me something too lowers his guilt about it). So he asked me to pick out two images and this was the first one I chose.

Mr. Bob Puzzles has a great catalog of beautiful, interesting, and unique images to choose from, it’s difficult to find just one or two that I want to order because I want almost all of them! 😍

Jim Tsinganos is one of the featured artists at Mr. Bob Puzzles, and I adore his artwork. You know how much I love humor – so this funny, silly, beautiful image jumped right out at me when I first saw it, and I’ve had this one on my mental wish list for quite a while. Thank goodness I finally was able to assemble it. There are several other images of his still on my list, and I hope to get them someday, what a fabulous artist he is!

The cut is more “traditional” with regular looking pieces, but it’s quite deceptive. With so many straight or nearly straight edges throughout the entire puzzle it becomes a much more challenging assembly than you would think. It isn’t possible to begin with the edges, at least it isn’t for me; most of the pieces look as though they might be edges! Even on the inside of the puzzle you have to focus much more on the colors, textures, and shading – it’s a bit of a mental workout and I love it.

Retirement 1

Great whimsies with this puzzle: Dorothy, Toto, The Tin Man, The Scarecrow, a flying monkey, The Wicked Witch of the West, etc. There are also the usual whimsies of Australia, clasped hands, and the Mr. Bob logo along with the profile of Mr. Bob too. I love the look of all of them!

My only criticism is – where is the cowardly lion? Was he too scared to show up for his profile sitting? Did he take too long to get there because his scooter slowed him down? I’m being silly, I know – but give an old lady some leeway to be ridiculous now and then. 😉

Retirement 2

Emerald Towers Retirement Suites – I really do love the art and humor of Jim Tsinganos!

Retirement 3

This closeup speaks for itself, it makes the entire image. I love how Dorothy’s shoes no longer have heels; she’s turned those in for flats which are so much safer and easier to walk in. The Cowardly Lion might have broken a hip or something and needs a scooter to get himself around, and The Tin Man needs a cane. You can’t really see a big change in The Scarecrow, other than he seems a little “heavier” than I remember him and a bit more stooped at the shoulders. He also seems to be leaning a bit on Dorothy.

Great image, great quality puzzle, wonderfully entertaining assembly – what more could you ask for? 💖🧩

Stacey & David

Stacey & David
Stacey & David – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 651 pieces

So here it is, my wedding picture puzzle that was my anniversary gift this year. It was fantastic, and Mr. Bob Puzzles did such a wonderful job – I absolutely adored it! It will be beautiful in my living room once hubby gets the frames built for both this one and Stacey & Ruth. I’ve added links to all the previous posts about these puzzles so you can go back if you’d like and check out how we got here.

My husband had both this and the puzzle of my mother and me commissioned because he’s one of the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful men I know. He knew that Mother’s Day would be difficult for me this year due to the loss of my mother, and he wanted to soften the blow. If you’re new to the blog you can read about how he got it all done here. It was such a lovely and unexpected gift. 💝

Remember my post from when I was assembling this? Can you see Batman where my hem and the train are coming down the step? I can’t see this picture now without seeing it. It makes me smile, and it will always make me smile.

I was wondering when I was sorting the pieces and saw all the whimsies why there were so many birds…

Stacey & David 1

I love the two couples and the intertwined rings – and of course our beloved Buddy. But I wasn’t sure why there were so many birds. Did hubby tell him to add those? Well, once I was nearly finished I saw it….

Stacey & David 2

How amazing is that? Mr. Bob and his team did such a beautiful job with the design of this puzzle and the whimsies. I’m actually considering displaying this one with the birds and our names removed, isn’t that an amazing image? It looks so striking and charming. Thank you to everyone at Mr. Bob puzzles, and most especially Mr. Bob himself – you all did an astounding job on this puzzle – I love it! 💖🧩💖

I adored my gorgeous one of a kind puzzle from start to finish; and many thanks again to Mr. Bob himself for suggesting that these images NOT be 1000 piece puzzles. All that carpeting, paneling, and white would have been so difficult with a higher piece count!

Hubby did a great job working with the team at Mr. Bob Puzzles, getting high resolution images of our wedding pictures, and having these beautiful puzzles made. I think I’ll keep him.

I’ve put in over 30 years work getting him whipped into shape; it would be a waste to lose all that effort. 😉