Schmetterling! – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

Such a beautiful puzzle image, and the dark background makes the colors really pop. I love having these mini puzzles around since not only am I in bed a lot, they’re also perfect for leaving on the table in our master bathroom. They’d also be great for someone who doesn’t have much space for puzzling. You could buy a cookie sheet from the dollar store (or it’s equivalent) and have a portable puzzle table you could take with you almost anywhere. 😁

When my infection was diagnosed and we realized I’d have to be in my room in bed almost all the time, I started with a few of my mini wooden puzzles that I have hanging around the house. After a couple of those I wanted a little bit more of a challenge so I took our current bathroom puzzle out into the bedroom to work on it.

Hubby got a little upset that I took this one out of the bathroom to complete it; he was having too much fun with it, and was “slow walking” it trying to make it last longer. Oops! Sorry hon. ❤

*In case anyone is wondering, schmetterling is the German word for butterfly.*

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