Summer Flowers

Summer Flowers by David Kay – Cardinal – 500 pieces

This gorgeous puzzle was much more difficult than I assumed it would be, but luckily I was able to share the load with mom and my daughter – that always makes it more fun.

The pieces had a great feel to them, were a good thickness, and as you can see the image reproduction is stunning; it even came with a poster of the puzzle because the box was an upright square tube and you couldn’t see the entire image. The fit was quite loose though, and a bit of a pain to work with. When we finally got this one finished we swore off flower puzzles for a while, it was a struggle!

I can’t always tell from the picture how difficult a puzzle will be, I’m usually surprised in some way even though I assemble puzzles a lot. I love trying out new companies or even different types of puzzles from the same company and finding out what’s good and what needs work. Sometimes I’m enthralled by the image and go into it knowing it’ll be a bit difficult, sometimes I think it’ll be a breeze and it turns into a windstorm. Other times I think it’s going to be very challenging and it turns out to be the perfect amount of challenge and it’s incredibly fun and entertaining.

I’m usually not correct in my assumptions about the difficulty level of a puzzle, but it sure is fun to keep trying and to keep being surprised. 😎

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