The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls – Cardinal – 300 pieces

I love the cartoon style of this image, and found this at the thrift store just a few days before the death of the last surviving Golden Girl – Betty White; she was a comedic force to be reckoned with, and a classy lady all around.

This puzzle was unopened, and I was hoping that it would be good quality, but I was sadly disappointed. The pieces were on the thin side and slightly bent out of shape, but it was the extremely loose fit that made it so terrible to work with. Cardinal Puzzles can be hit or miss with their quality, and this was a big miss.

I wish I’d been able to enjoy this puzzle as much as I enjoyed Betty White’s hilarious performance in the silly horror movie Lake Placid – that movie makes me laugh every time I see it, and her potty-mouthed character was awesome!

Sadly, this puzzle didn’t measure up.

Giraffe With Bubblegum

Giraffe With Bubblegum by Coco de Paris – Cardinal – 300 pieces

These images by Coco de Paris are just too adorable for me to pass up. The first one I did was mistakenly titled “Bulldog with Butterflies” but those of us in the know realize that is most definitely NOT a bulldog, it is a Boston Terrier. My Buddy was a Boston, their faces are just so recognizable. Fortunately they got the title of this one correct, I am certain that is most definitely a giraffe. 🦒

I’ve seen a dozen different puzzles by this artist with animals painted atop the pages of a book. Some are hilarious, some are silly, and some are just beautiful; but they all look like they’d be entertaining to assemble.

Unfortunately, this was just fair quality for Cardinal. There were quite a few bent pieces, and some warping; but the fit was good and the image is nice. I cannot speak to the quality of the other puzzle images, just the two that I’ve put together so far. The “bulldog” puzzle was good/fair, and this one was just fair.

But as I’ve said before, what constitutes good quality for me isn’t necessarily what is most important for you; the only way to know for sure is to try it yourself. So if these look like puzzles you’d enjoy assembling, please don’t let my “review” keep you from giving it a try. Reviews are always subjective; they are one person’s opinion – not gospel.

Somehow the eyes look happy to me. Maybe because some poor, overworked optometrist made them a GIANT pair of glasses so they can see just how big their bubble gets?

SpongeBob Squarepants

SpongeBob Squarepants by Romero Britto – Cardinal – 300 pieces

The bright, bright colors in this image made me mistakenly think this puzzle would be easy – it wasn’t. Part of it could be because I put the box away and didn’t use it for help at all. I saw the colors and patterns and thought this would be a breeze, so the box was stowed beneath the puzzle table. Once the assembly started it became clear that once again…..I was very wrong.

But, I had already decided that I would assemble this using only the pieces with no help from the box image; so the box with it’s helpful picture stayed put right where it was. Stubborn – that’s me. There is no explanation for it, I’m weird. Came to grips with it looong ago.

I usually take a few close up pictures so that you can see details; but there’s really no need for any close up pics, everything is right there for you to see. It’s a great image; the artwork of Britto makes fabulous puzzles.

Even though it was a little more demanding on the aging brain cells it was still a lovely assembly. More concentration was required, so I went to that puzzle place in your brain where only colors and shapes matter. Peaceful meditation in the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle – with the added bonus of not having to maneuver myself into the lotus position. 🧘‍♀️

Building Facades

Building Facades
Building Facades by Iralu – Cardinal – 500 pieces

Here we have another untitled image. Unfortunately, I was unable to come up with a catchy title and so I just gave it a descriptive one. What do you see here? Building facades. What should I call it? I guess…..Building Facades. *yawn* Sorry guys, my brain isn’t always firing on all cylinders.

This is one of twelves puzzles in one box from Cardinal. I knew when I purchased it that it wouldn’t be great quality – I’ve never seen one of these multipack puzzles with really good quality. Ever. But, I wanted these images; I love the artwork and decided that it would be worth muddling through the crappy quality to get to put these interesting and colorful images together.

I’ve now assembled puzzles of all three sizes from this multipack and I can report that the puzzles have differing levels of quality. The 150 pieces are the best of the bunch; the fit isn’t great, but it isn’t horrid either, and the piece thickness is fair. The 300 piece puzzles in this set are the middle range; thinner pieces than the 150 pcs., and the fit was about the same. The 500 pieces were the worst of the bunch; the fit was awful, the pieces were extremely thin, and the glare from the shiny finish was much more noticeable.

All of that said, I don’t regret buying this set. I knew it wouldn’t be great quality and I still look forward to assembling the rest of the images. Glutton for punishment? Perhaps. Puzzle addict and PADS sufferer? Definitely! 🧩💗

Bulldog with Butterflies

Bulldog with Butterflies
Bulldog with Butterflies by Coco de Paris – Cardinal – 300 pieces

That sweet, beautiful, face is absolutely gorgeous! But I gotta tell you that it still burns my biscuits that they got the name so completely wrong; THAT IS NOT A BULLDOG! I’d love to change the title of this post, but if someone else wants to find this puzzle for themselves they need to know the actual title, so I grudgingly left it the way it is. But in my heart I know that it’s a Boston with Butterflies. 🐾🦋

If you haven’t read this blog before you might not know that the sweetest member of my puzzle posse is an adorable purebred Boston Terrier named Buddy, and he makes me smile and gives me love every single day. I know what a Boston Terrier looks like! Mine is a bit of a mutant though, he’s extremely big for his breed. Whatever the opposite of a “runt” is, that’s my Buddy. The average Boston weighs between 13-16 pounds. You ready for this? Brace yourselves……my “little” guy weighs 33 pounds! He’s not the least bit fat, he’s just much, much taller, longer, and bigger than the typical Boston. My neighbor across the street has a beautiful female, and Buddy is almost twice as tall as she is! He’s the “Andre the Giant” of his breed. 😉 (On a completely different topic, who doesn’t love Andre the Giant as Fezzik in The Princess Bride? “No more rhyming now, I mean it!” – “Anybody got a peanut?”)

Back to the puzzle. The quality was good/fair; the pieces are on the thinner side and the fit was a bit loose. On the plus side, there was a very good variety of piece shapes and the image reproduction was good as well. For me it didn’t matter much either way, it was all about the image.

Bulldog with Butterflies 1

The butterflies were lovely, and they were the first thing to be assembled after the edges. The picture doesn’t do them justice, the colors are really lovely!

Cardinal has a whole line of images by Coco de Paris like this one – animals painted over the pages of a book. Most are silly and fun, and they make me smile; I especially love the group of ostriches wearing bathing suits, and the giraffe wearing glasses blowing a huge bubble with her gum! 😂

I tried to find a link to a whole bunch of them in one spot to share with you, but this being the middle of a pandemic many places are still closed and sold out of certain puzzles. You can look up Coco de Paris jigsaw puzzles and see many of the images from this line. They’re so fun!

p.s. Thank you Penny❣