Hopetown Light

Hopetown Light by Shari Erickson – Mega Puzzles – 300 pieces

I love this image with it’s bright colors and warm feeling, but it’s deceptively difficult and gave us a bit of a challenge. It’s beautiful to look at, but much harder to put together; the brush strokes are what put us to the test.

Mega Puzzles quality is fair, I’ve had some that were poor quality and some that have really impressed me – it’s a gamble, so this isn’t a brand we purchase new. The pieces are on the thin side and don’t always lie flat as well as having very little variety in piece shape. On the positive side, the image reproduction is very good, and the pieces fit together very well.

Mom and I are almost exclusively doing smaller piece count puzzles on our visit day, mostly because I haven’t been able to puzzle much lately and she’s helping me make sure I have puzzles to post here every day.  We enjoy being able to do multiple puzzles in one day, there’s always something new and fun coming up next!

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