Beach Bums

Beach Bums by Charles Wysocki – Hasbro – 300 pieces

You can usually tell a Wysocki image just by looking at it, but I didn’t realize this puzzle was his until I read it on the box. This is unusual and I absolutely love it.

I’m always a little surprised at how good the quality of the Hasbro 300 EZ grip pieces are. They’re super thick and sturdy and fit together extremely well. There are a very good variety of piece shapes and excellent image reproduction; just all around wonderful quality. I’ve worked several larger piece count puzzles by Hasbro/Milton Bradley and they are not the same quality-wise. I never hesitate to get one of their EZ grip puzzles though, they’ve always been excellent.

There’s something about this image that I can’t put my finger on, all I know is that when I look at it there’s a smile on my face. It makes for wonderful puzzling as well; it’s easy to sort and fun to assemble but it isn’t so easy as to be boring.

Can’t wait to see what other awesome puzzles mom finds on her next thrift store shopping spree!🛒

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