Bambi – Golden – 200 pieces

This is a vintage puzzle I believe; the age is showing on the image. You can’t really tell in the picture, but close up you can see some aging discoloration. Still, it’s cute and it’s the Bambi I remember. So many of the Disney images are altered these days, they don’t look the same as they did in their movies. Perhaps it’s because I’m older now that this bothers me; I think they should stay true to the original character. I don’t need the princesses to look prettier or the characters to be cuter, they should be as they were!

Sorry, that was my rant for the day. 🙂

This was another puzzle from our marathon day, I think it was the last of the small puzzles we did. I didn’t know Golden made puzzles; I knew they made books but not jigsaw puzzles! The pieces were thick and fit together very well, and aside from the discoloration this puzzle was very nice quality. It was a little bit of a challenge actually, or that could be because it was the last puzzle of the day. Who can tell? Can’t wait to see if we can find more puzzles from Golden, this one was very nice!

I loved this movie when I was little, Thumper was my favorite because he was kind of sassy like me and always laughing and joking. When I was young if you wanted to watch a movie you had to go to the theater, there was no way to watch movies at home. So mom would buy 8 tracks or cassette tapes that were sort of a read along shortened story of the movie with the actual character’s voices from the movie and the songs too! That way we could “see” the movie over and over and sing the songs at home. We had them for many of the Disney movies; we would listen to these in the car when we took road trips, or even just on the way to the grocery store. What I wouldn’t give to have those now! 🙂


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