Battle Creek Balloons

Battle Creek Balloons by Anthony Kleem – Prism Puzzles – 500 pieces

Very fun puzzle mom and I worked together, got it finished in one afternoon. 🙂 We did most of it together and she finished it after I went home. New puzzle company too!

The quality was good – the pieces were on the thinner side but sturdy, the image reproduction was good and they fit together well. There were a nice variety of piece shapes too. All in all, not too bad!

It was a quick assembly with two people working on it, and it was easy to each take pieces for a specific section and assemble them. It’s always fun working on a puzzle with mom, even if the puzzle isn’t as fun as we’d hoped we can still talk, laugh, joke and have a good time. 🙂

I’ve been avoiding balloon puzzles for a while, and now I’ve done 2 of them in just a couple of weeks. Apparently I have no clue what will be enjoyable for me or not. Actually, it seems I like about 99% of the puzzles I do; cause I’m just a puzzle gal at heart who loves to put pieces together to make pretty pictures. 💖

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