Disney Diner

Disney Diner
Disney Diner – Ceaco – 200 pieces

This is the first Ceaco I’ve done in quite a long time; and this was a puzzle I got in a swap, I absolutely did not buy this – they’re still on my naughty list. I found that I was still carrying an attitude about this brand, which previously I might have apologized for, but not this time. My attitude is justified, and I won’t be saying I’m sorry for it.

Anyway, on to the puzzle.

The image is cute, and I enjoy puzzles with Disney images so this one was fun to put together. Thanks to Penny for sending it along!

Disney Friends In Progress

Disney Friends – Ceaco – 200 pieces

I’m slowly working my way back up to larger puzzles; I just completed a 100 piece from Vermont Christmas Company and now the piece count is doubled for this 200 pc. adorable Disney image. The background of the diner makes it fun and a little more challenging, in my humble opinion, and although it’s a Ceaco I’m hoping to enjoy it anyway.

Hopefully you’re all working on fun puzzles at the moment. Happy puzzling everyone! 🧩😍