Lights, Camera – Puzzle!

Lights, Camera – Puzzle! – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

This was the companion image to the 3D puzzle that I posted back in March 2022. It was a difficult image for me, and I found myself constantly checking the online image to see where the tiny things made of two pieces went.

This one was apparently too hard for hubby as well, because after many days of no progress I had to take it out of the bathroom and work on it under better lighting in the puzzle room. Oh well, that’s alright, it got completed, and it must have been somewhat entertaining because I didn’t just give up on it.

All recollections were either typed up when I composed the draft of this post, or found from my blurb on the completed puzzles page of the blog. Thank goodness there’s something around to jog this aged old memory!

Love a double sided image!

Heart Nosed Ned In Progress…

Heart Nosed Ned by Dylan R. – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

I haven’t decided which puzzle is going on my board next, so until that happens I figured you’d like to see this sweet puppy puzzle that I’m working on in one of my trays.

It doesn’t look like much, but that border wasn’t the easiest to assemble and a rest was needed after sitting up in bed for that long. It’s progress though, and that’s what matters. 😊

Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday and that you’re working on something fun at the moment. Care to share? What’s on your puzzle agenda for the day?

Crazy Cuisine Cart*

Crazy Cuisine Cart* by Iralu – Cardinal – 150 pieces

So disappointing. Not only was the quality pretty bottom of the barrel, but this little guy was missing seven pieces! It absolutely wasn’t my fault, I opened the bag directly onto the table and there’s no way that many pieces got up and walked away. Oh well, as one of the Puzzle Posse told me; If I put all the pieces available together I have completed the puzzle – even if it wasn’t complete.

This was one of the puzzles from the Cardinal multipack that I knew wouldn’t be great quality, but wanted to assemble the images because they are so different and interesting. Still love the artwork!

Untitled In Progress…

Untitled Image by Iralu – Cardinal – 150 pieces

Looking for a smaller piece count to work on led me to do something I almost never do – I found the one I wanted to work on and then dumped out all the pieces onto my board – and the only sorting that has been done is to sort the edges from the inside. Shocked? I am!

It’s an untitled puzzle from a multipack of twelve that was purchased several years ago. I know that most multipacks aren’t the best quality, and usually never even look twice at them in the stores or thrift shops. But I saw the images on the box from an artist I’d never heard of and the artwork spoke to me – bad quality or no these were images that I wanted to assemble. I actually purchased them retail. 😲

I’ve assembled a few of the puzzles (think early 2020), but somewhere in time the box got pushed under my puzzle table. Out of sight, out of mind it seems. In my current funk although I want to do some puzzling, committing to 1000 pieces is a bit much for me. So today I went in search of something smaller and happened upon this box with more puzzles left to be completed.

My mood is cranky and impatient at the moment, so messing around with any kind of sorting at all isn’t in the cards and neither is laying pieces out neatly in rows. My OCD will just have to take a backseat to my hella bad attitude – this time.

At only 150 pieces the untitled image shouldn’t take too long, and it’ll be an interesting assembly I’m sure. The quality is less than optimal, but these puzzles are all about the artwork for me, and I’m looking forward to it!

Brian in Shipping

Brian in Shipping – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

This adorable puzzle sat in the bathroom for a while, but in the end it was one of those puzzles that had to be brought into the puzzle room so that it could be worked on under good lighting. The darker or more difficult images really need to be assembled with a proper light source, otherwise they become frustrating.

Feeling as though a puzzle is tedious, too difficult, or frustrating is bad for my puzzle mojo – I avoid it if at all possible. All this baby needed was proper lighting and it was finished in no time!

The image online seems so much lighter than the actual puzzle, especially the blue background. The darker blue does make for a better contrast with the picture frames though.

This is two-time MicroPuzzles employee of the month – Brian – he allegedly works in shipping. 😉 He looks like a model employee to me, but I hear that he sometimes gives out discount codes without authorization. My goodness!