Sugar Plum Fairies

Sugar Plum Fairies  by Bill Bell- Ceaco (Glitter & Glow) – 100 pieces

Yup another 100 piece puzzle! If I do them I might as well put them on the blog – puzzles are puzzles no matter the size!

This puzzle would be difficult for a young child I believe, because a couple of more “mature” ladies were laughing while trying to assemble this because we found it a bit taxing!!! Not kidding. 😮

Typical Ceaco puzzle, nothing new in the quality category. Image reproduction and piece shapes are good, but the pieces are a bit thin and the puzzle doesn’t always lie flat when completed.

I know this is a bit feminine for a boy, but why not give him a chance to assemble it? He may find the increased difficulty a fun challenge, you never know,  right?

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