Puppyness* – Re-marks – 100 pieces

A cute, quick, good quality puzzle that was a welcome break from larger piece counts. And I just couldn’t resist that adorable puppy face! Like many smaller puzzles this one had no title; I wasn’t feeling overly creative when I started typing up this post, so the name is just puppyness. That’s all I see when I look at this image, the sweet puppyness of that expression. 💖

I find that many smaller piece count puzzles are quite expensive to purchase new, so usually I get them from swaps with other puzzlers or thrift stores. I don’t mind spending a dollar or two for a 100 piece puzzle, but unless it’s a truly amazing image I don’t purchase them new. I’m a tightwad sometimes, and proud of it!

More Spots!*

More Spots!* – Brother/Sister Design Studio – 100 pieces

When I see this puzzle I imagine the little guy was trying to add more spots, so that’s what I named it. Sometimes when puzzles aren’t titled I try to give them titles that are funny, silly, ironic, or just nonsensical – this time it was just accurate – my creativity didn’t seem to be flowing well that day.

All the puzzles I’ve assembled from the Brother/Sister Design Studio (Hobby Lobby’s brand) have been very good quality; thick pieces, nice fit, good variety of shapes, and a nice matte finish.

I don’t think I’ve been in one of their stores for almost a decade now, but am sent some of their puzzles from time to time by a friend. They’re very nice puzzles, it’s just not a place I spend my money.

Woodstock Love

Woodstock Love – Cra-Z-Art – 100 pieces

This cute little puzzle was one I bought new for myself quite a while ago. Normally I acquire children’s puzzles from the thrift stores only – but there was something about this one that caught my eye. It was quick to go together, but thoroughly entertaining.

It was excellent quality for a Cra-Z-Art puzzle, much nicer than I anticipated. The pieces were thick, they had a great fit, and the reproduction was stellar with crisp lines and bright colors. The pieces were almost all ballerinas, but there was such a variety in the shape of each one that it didn’t seem boring or tedious. Overall it was one of the nicest puzzles from this brand that I’ve done.

Peanuts – Snoopy

Peanuts (Snoopy) by Charles Schulz – Vista Puzzles – 100 pieces

A miracle happened when I was assembling this puzzle – my youngest son came in and started helping me, and he stayed and was fully engaged until it was finished! It may not seem that miraculous to you, but to his momma it was an amazing blessing.

Both of my sons are autistic, but my youngest is more in his own world than my oldest. He does only the things he is interested in, and trying to get him to engage is quite difficult and sometimes upsets him greatly. For some reason this puzzle was different and he stood next to me and put pieces in until it was finished. AMAZING!

Anyway, this is another of the Peanuts puzzles that come in a metal tube, and they’re good quality. The color scheme is different than the previous puzzle, and obviously Snoopy is featured instead of Linus, but the comic strips in the background are the same.

We had a great time putting this puzzle together – myself and my newest puzzle posse member. 💖


Stuart* – Re-marks – 100 pieces

So friggin’ cute! Look at that face, he looks completely disgusted that he has to wear that outfit, it makes me laugh when I look at the eyes. I’ve named him Stuart. He’s learned that he doesn’t enjoy playing dress-up.

Stuart wants to go home.

This puzzle had great quality pieces and a great fit. It was a fun few minutes putting it together. 🐶