Saturday 03-25-17


Today was slower than I’d hoped, but I did make progress so I refuse to complain. Much.

Mom came over this evening and helped a little so that she has officially helped me on all 10 sections of this puzzle.  Thanks mom! You’re the only one, no one else has helped with all of them – or even close to all of them. Hubby helped with the first two or three I think, but kinda checked out after that and left me on my own.

Got a lot of the pink flowers done today, and I have to say they look way prettier in person than they do in the pictures. I’m hopeful that I’ll have the flowers finished tomorrow and will be able to show everyone how gorgeous they are. I have no plans on what to tackle next, I’ll just see where my wandering mind takes me. 😉

I was editing some of the categories and tags of the older posts the last few days and noticed I wrote quite a bit more every day than I do now. I’m not sure if I was blathering on too long back then or if I’m not talking enough now. Is there a perfect length for a blog posting? I’m not sure if less is more, or if more is just right.  (I really had to think about that last sentence to make sure it didn’t sound like I was having an “episode”)

In the end though, perhaps however long I wish to “talk” is how long the post should be, right? Since it’s my blog, however long the post is that day is the absolute PERFECT length for me. 😎

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