My Free Puzzle


This is the update of the 12 Nightmare Christmas Puzzles advent calendar set – I got my free puzzle, and it’s shown above. To say I am underwhelmed doesn’t cover it, I’m a little disgusted too.

First of all, I don’t care for the image; it’s a little dark (the actual box image seems darker) and it’s just not my cup of tea. Secondly, the set was 1200 pieces, and I get a 300 piece puzzle to make up for the horrible experience I had? I realize that I returned the puzzle to the store for a refund, and therefore don’t really need a 1200 piece puzzle as recompense, but seriously? An ugly 300 piece puzzle is supposed to smooth everything over?

I am done with Ceaco. I will no longer purchase any of their puzzles, no matter how beautiful or interesting the image is – not even if they end up with exclusive rights to all future Aimee Stewart images. (Please Aimee, don’t do that to me. You’re my favorite puzzle artist!)

One person no longer buying their puzzles is just a drop in the ocean, and I’m sure it won’t even be a blip on their bottom line. But it doesn’t matter, not to me. There are plenty of puzzle companies with excellent customer service who I’d much rather spend my hard earned money on.

You’ll still see Ceaco puzzles here on My Jigsaw Journal for a while, I’ve received some as gifts and there are still boxes and boxes of puzzles at mom’s house to go through. She was constantly at the thrift stores finding puzzles for us and I’m certain there are quite a few Ceacos there to be assembled too.

I may relent at some point, but right now I seriously doubt it. I’m still pretty pissed about the whole thing.

It’s All Good

All Good
It’s All Good by Thaneeya McArdle – Ceaco – 550 pieces

Another sleepless night, another puzzle finished more quickly than it should be. I’m not complaining mind you, I relish the time at night when the house is silent and I’m left with my puzzle and my only thoughts are which piece fits here, and where does this pattern go. No one needs anything from me in the middle of the night, and I’m free to puzzle with no interruptions.

This is the second puzzle from a trio of images by Thaneeya McArdle that I’ve assembled. The first one was so enjoyable that I immediately had to return to the store and pick up the other two. It’s been a while since the first one was put together, but I distinctly remember that it was missing a piece. Guess what? Yep, you guessed it, another missing piece!

All Good 1

I’m not one who immediately assumes it’s the company’s fault, in fact I’m certain most missing pieces are the fault of the consumer. This is very odd though, it seems unlikely that I would lose a piece from each of these puzzles (although it very well may be what happened). Perhaps it’s purposeful; do you really believe “It’s All Good”, even with a missing piece? Can you remain calm and happy with an incomplete puzzle? 😉

That may be a bit too existential for Ceaco though, and most likely the missing piece stowed away on my sleeve to another room. It’s most likely hiding under a pillow, near the baseboards, or in the pantry, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Other than the small problem of an errant puzzle piece possibly hiding somewhere in my house, the quality was pretty good for a Ceaco; there were the odd pieces still connected, a slightly bent piece or two, and a LOT of puzzle dust. But overall it was good quality and the assembly was entirely captivating. The image is so bright and interesting that it totally sucked me in and had me completely engrossed. Isn’t that what a good puzzle is supposed to do?

I’d better finish the third puzzle soon, any bets on whether or not there’ll be a piece missing? I’m going to say the third time will be the charm and it will be complete – here’s hoping!