Friday 03-24-17


The rest of Bambi went so quickly I was shocked! 😮

Turns out there wasn’t as much left as I thought, and his little legs are only two or three pieces wide – they went so fast! And I even got Bambi connected to the flowers next Thumper. This section has been so much fun!

Pink flowers are up next I think. I turned the board upside down to work on Bambi’s head and it seems easy enough to just leave it there and work on the flowers at the top. For some reason, when I look at the poster for this section my eyes are always drawn to the pink flowers. I’m sure they’re going to be just as striking and gorgeous as they are in the picture!

I’m officially over the halfway point – today’s piece count brings the total to over 2100 pieces assembled. How in the world is this going so fast?

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