The Talking Jigsaw Puzzle

The Talking Jigsaw Puzzle – The Office Building – Buffalo Games – 560 pieces

I’ve finally completed The Office Building! I’ve been ignoring it since my progress on the big kahuna was going so well, but I finally put this one to bed! They’re really quite fun, it’s too bad they’ve been out of print for so long. We were very lucky to find both this one and The Fitness Center at thrift stores. I’ve purposely taken a not so great picture so that if someone does have this puzzle I’m not giving away the solution.

Each window or section is four pieces, you assemble each section and once they are all assembled you have to figure out where they belong in the puzzle by clues – what the people are saying, room numbers in the background, where each person is looking or pointing, etc. Here’s a close up of a few sections to show how the clues help you with positioning.

Be careful, each window actually fits next to every other window!
Back of the puzzle

You can check to be sure you’re placing each window in the correct place by checking the back of the pieces. On the back of the puzzle is the word “congratulations” in many different fonts, you can see immediately if you’ve placed a section in the right place. I enjoyed this puzzle very much, the extra challenge of having no picture to use as a guide and putting together each little section. I hope we are able to eventually find some more of the talking jigsaws at thrift stores, it’s a enjoyable challenge!

7 thoughts on “The Talking Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. interesting jigsaw puzzle! but i haven’t caught the idea of it
    i guess, there are 2 jigsaws in this series: the fitness center and the office building, right? and in the office building we see lots of windows, and there are different daily life situations displayed. yes?


    1. There are at least 5 in the series, I only have 2 of them so far. Different things are happening and by what people are saying to each other and what they are doing you can figure out where they belong in the image. It’s like a logic puzzle almost. You assemble each window or person, and then figure out where they belong in the puzzle by what they say, which direction they are looking in, room numbers, etc. They’re great fun!


  2. There were six versions in this series- The Office, The High School, The Fitness Center, The Beach, The Hospital… and the one I’ve only seen once (from an Amazon reseller, asking over $500!!): City Hall. I LOVE these puzzles, and have all but City Hall. The Fitness Center and The Hospital are not nearly as fun as the others, in my opinion– but even those are a nice change of pace from typical puzzles.

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