Wings by Sasha Carolina – Buffalo – 300 pieces

A beautiful, colorful puzzle that was actually quite calming for me to assemble. The bright colors made it relatively easy, but all the birds and butterflies made for a bit of a challenge; the perfect combination.

Great quality puzzle with thick pieces that fit together well and a good variety of shapes. The image reproduction was bright and clear, but the finish was extremely shiny. It’s part of Buffalo’s Vivid Collection, perhaps that’s the reason for the shininess. It’s a bright image though, and the shine didn’t cause too much glare while working under artificial light.

Prairie Wind Flowers

Prairie Wind
Prairie Wind Flowers by Charles Wysocki – Buffalo – 300 pieces

I was pleasantly surprised by this puzzle, it was a thrift store buy from mom’s house, and the box indicated that there was a missing piece. Normally that annoys me, but I decided to assemble it anyway – and there were no missing pieces. Awesome!

It went together very quickly, and the wonderfully thick pieces were a joy. The fit was exceptional and all in all it was a lovely puzzle. I’m not sure how much I would have enjoyed it as a 1000 piece puzzle, but I’ve learned that you never can tell about those things; at least I can’t.

Prairie Wind 1

This was my favorite part, I love the dog sitting in the basket waiting for a ride. Hey guys, doesn’t anybody want to take me anywhere? I promise I’ll be good!

I started sorting my next puzzle, a 2000 piece Big Ben right after I completed this, and the pieces were tiny in comparison – both in size and thickness. Perhaps it wouldn’t seem so bad if I hadn’t just finished this one. 😉