Wednesday 10-12-16

Closer and closer every day

The filling in is coming along! It seemed every piece put into the puzzle today didn’t make much of a difference, but at the end of the day when I compare this evening’s picture to yesterday’s  – wow! I actually made quite a bit of progress. Did my best to not get frustrated but it’s much slower going with mostly dark/solid colors left. I found that breaks were needed more often so as not to get discouraged.

I had wanted to fill much of the solid colors in before beginning the twinklies (which is what I call the 2 edges with little bursts of light), but I couldn’t seem to find any piece I was looking for to fill in holes. At the end of the day every piece I tried to fit in seemed to be the wrong one. It may be that a good nights sleep and a break from the puzzle is all that’s needed.

I may try and work on my secondary puzzle tomorrow as well, I have been ignoring it because progress on the big guy was going quickly. But I feel the need to complete a puzzle. It may still be a few days before I get to the end of Snow White, so it will be nice to work on a puzzle I can finish relatively quickly. I have most of the windows completed, now it’s a matter of putting together the rest of them, reading what they’re saying and putting them where they go in relation to each other. Hopefully I will have a picture of an actual completed puzzle at the end of the day!

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