Thursday 10-13-16

Minimal progress today, but still progress

Super frustrating day for me 😦 I have found I am missing a piece and it just took the wind out of my sails. I have separated all remaining pieces by shape, and am definitely missing one. I’m sure it’s my fault and that it is somewhere in the house. But I haven’t found it yet and I’m disheartened. It was difficult for me to concentrate and I only added about 100 pieces to the puzzle today.

I’ve been trying to keep this blog lighthearted and positive, even when I don’t have the best day in general, or find myself frustrated by lack of progress on the puzzle. But menopause is kicking my middle-aged behind, and my mood has been pretty awful all week, in addition to being ill with a cold. The ridiculous thing is I know intellectually that I’m being unreasonable, moody and slightly crazy; but I seem to have no ability to stop it. My poor, poor family has to deal with Mood Swing Momma till the hormonal surge has receded.

Hopefully the bright, shiny, positive puzzle lady will be back soon.

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