A New Week


A new week, and I’m starting a new puzzle – what could be better? I’m only just sorting it, but I’m loving the colors and hope it will be great fun.

I hope whatever puzzle you are working on is both entertaining and relaxing; or if you don’t have one going, I hope you find the time to start a new one and enjoy all the pleasures of puzzling. They truly are good for your mental and physical health! 👩‍⚕️

Happy puzzling to all my fellow PADS sufferers!

Puzzle Shopping!

Puzzle Shopping

My daughter and I went puzzle shopping together this past weekend; one store, LOTS of puzzles. 😎

I’ve already put together three of them; one of the small ones (100 pieces), a 550 piece, and a 1000 piece. I barely puzzled at all yesterday, but I’m hoping to be able to get back to it today.

Normally I would feel a little guilty about buying so many new puzzles at one time, but I’ve decided that’s a waste of time. There’s nothing to feel bad about, I’m absolutely worth it. My fellow PADS sufferers understand. Life is for living, and puzzling.

No excuses, no explanations, no apologies!