Post #1500!

Can you believe it? This is post number 1500 for my little blog – the one I thought would be finished once I completed my monster 40,000 piece puzzle. The picture above is from the very first post ever on My Jigsaw Journal, a few days after I received the giant puzzle from Germany in September of 2016. It seems like a lifetime ago, although it’s only been about 5 ½ years.

It wasn’t my plan to become a puzzle blogger, I began this as a way to keep family and friends updated on the giant Disney Memorable Moments puzzle that I was assembling. Social media isn’t my thing, I have no facebook, instagram, twitter, etc., so I created the blog to post about which section I was working on and how it was going. But I realized once I started that I love everything about puzzles; I love shopping for them, looking at them, reading about them, talking about them, assembling them, and writing about them too.

I ended up with many more “followers” than just my family and friends, and was surprised to see that people from around the world were reading my posts and keeping up with them every day. It helped keep me motivated to make progress on the enormous puzzle every day, and I also found a community of like-minded puzzle geeks – what a blessing I didn’t even realize that I needed!

One thousand five hundred posts, that’s quite a lot; I’ve written about puzzles in progress, and my lack of progress on them when I’m dealing with life. I’ve written about my family, puzzling with mom and how much happiness that brought me, and working on puzzles with each of my children and my husband too – and the joy of sharing my passion with them. I’ve written about my puzzle pal Buddy, who kept me company while I puzzled, and always watched over me away from the puzzle board as well. I show off the puzzles I’m proud of, the ones that were fun and the ones that were just….meh….and warn you all about the ones I wish I’d never found. I share my life through the puzzles I complete, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the friends I’ve found here.

So congratulations to me for keeping with it; and many, many, many thanks to my faithful friends who come here to see the puzzles I assemble, read about me and my posse, my struggles with P.A.D.S., depression, anxiety and life in general, and who keep me company on my puzzling journey. I don’t think I’d still be here doing this if it weren’t for you all, thanks for sticking around.

Congrats to us all on post number 1500! 🎉🧩🎉

16 thoughts on “Post #1500!

  1. Deb

    CONGRATULATIONS! I enjoy your writing and look forward to your blog everyday. For me puzzling is a great way to relax – I listen to my favorite music or podcasts.
    I’m so glad you’re back and that I stumbled upon this a couple of years ago.
    Wishing you health and happiness!

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  2. Rhonda

    Congratulations! I too look forward to checking your blog everyday. You have such a wonderful blog and I am so grateful that you have continued to share your puzzle journey throughout the years with so many. Everyday I look forward to seeing what you are sharing. Your writing truly puts a smile on my face and makes me feel good and hope you continue to share your puzzle journey with us for many more years. Thank you!

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  3. Tayo

    1500 that’s a lot of posts.
    I think I’ve read a good number of them.
    I love reading your posts and glad I found your blog.
    I love the way you love puzzles and talk about them. I think its one of the coolest hobbies.

    Cheers to 1500 posts and many more to come!!!

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  4. Sandra

    Wow! Congratulations!

    I go through my emails in the morning, delete most and I wait until I have some time to savor your blog to open it. I was so excited when you returned last year, it makes my day to read your blog!

    Thank you

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  5. Congratulations on 1500 posts!!!
    There’s a bunch in the middle I still haven’t caught up on (I read from the beginning with the Disney ones and then was trying to read through everything). Now I just have the new ones in my RSS feed, and I may get to the middle ones one day 🙂
    I think my blog is up to about 5000 posts.. but then I’ve been blogging since 2003 hehe. I don’t have nearly as many dedicated followers as you do though, because my blog isn’t nearly as interesting as yours 🙂

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