Journal Newbies?

Fuzzy Friends 2
Are you new around here?

My Jigsaw Journal has been getting much more traffic than normal in the past few weeks, with more views and more visitors than ever before. People all over the world are spending a bit of their “extra” time assembling puzzles, and it seems as though a few have found their way to this puzzle blog. Welcome!  I’m so pleased to have you here. 🙂

Some of you may be looking for more information on puzzles and puzzling in general, and perhaps some have become more passionate about jigsaw puzzles and are looking for more of a community; you’ve all come to the right place!

I wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know that comments, questions, observations, and general chit chat are all welcome here. If there’s any question you have about puzzles, even if you think it may be too basic or general, ask away! We were all newbies once, and we all know how it feels.

If you’d rather stay in the background and just be a “lurker”, that’s ok too, you are welcome to visit only and I’m glad you’re here. If you have questions, need help with a puzzle problem, or just want to talk puzzles – we’ve got that covered too. Most of my followers and readers are afflicted with PADS ; we all love to talk about, look at, read about, shop for, and assemble puzzles as much as possible. We’re always ready to welcome more of you into the fold. 😵 “One of us….one of us….” 😵

As long as you are respectful and kind, I will do my best to answer any question you have. I respond to every comment here on the blog, and love being able to talk to my puzzle posse about anything and *everything, but most especially about jigsaw puzzles. Welcome to My Jigsaw Journal!

*No politics allowed here, it’s too divisive – we puzzle people like to put things together not tear them apart!

They’ve Arrived!

New Puzzles

The new puzzles are here! The new puzzles are here! Happy dance! 💃💃💃

I’d seen the Colorful Bottles around online and I thought it looked like an entertaining puzzle, when my PADS flared up last weekend and the opportunity presented itself – what else could I do? It’s an Aimee Stewart, I can’t possibly be held responsible for my lack of restraint. Of course once that puzzle was in my cart I couldn’t just buy one puzzle, I had to buy enough puzzles for free shipping – I mean, you wouldn’t want me to lose money would you? 😇

Next of course was the Common Quilt Blocks, it’s so beautiful and full of color and interesting fabrics. Gorgeous! It’s the one currently on my board and I’m having a fantastic time so far.

New Puzzles 1

Aimee Stewart’s gorgeous Banana Split puzzle was the next one I picked out, who could resist all of those beautiful colors? As with all of her puzzles I’ll try to hold off a little bit to make sure there’s always a fun, colorful puzzle with her artwork around when I need a bit of uplifting. I don’t think I’ll be able to wait too long though, it looks so fun!

As for the cereal boxes, my inner child is responsible for this one. With six 100 piece puzzles around I’ll have something fun as a palate cleanser between larger puzzles. (Plus, look how cute they are!)

Classic Games is full of very old mostly board and card games; I’ve never seen or heard of almost all of them, but it looks like a great time in a box. Anyone old enough to remember the old tv show McHale’s Navy from the early 60’s? It was over before I was even born, but apparently there’s a board game; most of the other games shown are just as old or even older!  This puzzle was the last to go in my cart because I wanted a smaller piece count to round out this purchase. It jumped right into my cart before I knew what was happening. 😮