The Seven Chakras – Eagle Update

So, after many attempts to put together the multipiece eagle, and failing every time – I finally broke down and emailed Liberty Puzzles to see if they could give me some help. After exchanging several emails with members of their customer service team I have quite the update for you.

The customer service I received was PHENOMENAL, let me tell you that right away. They replied to my email within five minutes and were more than happy to offer whatever assistance they could. One of their excellent customer service team said that he sat down to assemble the eagle himself so that he could take a picture to send to me, and then that’s where it gets interesting. This is a quote from his email….

“Good news / bad news for you . . . it turns out that there was a design flaw and that multipiece whimsy does not actually fit together. I think you were probably doing it correctly but that the top piece just wouldn’t fit. ….Sorry for the trick we didn’t know we were playing on you and congratulations on figuring it out!

Hooray! Here I thought that my pain medications and hot flashes were dumbing down and quick-boiling my brain cells to death, and it turns out it wasn’t my fault! I can’t tell you how relieved I was to hear that. Honestly, nothing they could have told me would have made me happier.

The artist who designs their pieces will be “tweaking” the design a bit so that the eagle whimsy will work the way it’s supposed to, and they will be sending out a replacement eagle puzzle. I’m thrilled with their solution, and so thankful for their willingness to help.

Even before they knew there was a problem, someone stopped their day and sat down to assemble the whimsy pieces – just to take a picture to send to me. That is exceptional customer service!

Apparently they’ve sold a good number of this puzzle, but I was the first to figure out that each contains a separate multipiece representation and that there was an issue with the eagle. I’m certain there was a lot of thought and planning that went into the design for each of the chakra puzzles, and along the way apparently something got “inadvertently nudged” and the top piece of the eagle doesn’t quite fit – but just barely.

Anyway, I promised an update about the eagle whimsy. And here it is. Once I receive the new puzzle I will definitely assemble it and show it to you. I did tell them that there was absolutely no rush in sending the replacement. I’m certain they’re swamped with holiday orders and because that one email made me feel so much better, I’m more than happy to wait until after the holidays.

And I’m happy I’ve still got some functioning brain matter! 😎

The P.A.D.S. is strong with me. Even I didn’t know how bummed I was that the eagle had defeated me; that is, not until I learned that it was a design flaw. The relief and happiness that washed over me …. I can’t even describe it.

I have the most severe case of P.A.D.S. ever!

4 thoughts on “The Seven Chakras – Eagle Update

    1. Thanks Deb. You’re right, there is no perfect manufacturing process, and I never expect perfection. It’s how companies treat their customers when there’s an issue, and their willingness to fix any problems to the consumer’s satisfaction.

      Liberty Puzzles gets an A+. For both customer service and their excellent puzzles!


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