Blacklight Bowling

Blacklight Bowling by Aimee Stewart – Buffalo – 1000 pieces

This beauty was either a Christmas or birthday present from my fellow P.A.D.S. sufferer and Aimee Stewart fan, Penny; I absolutely adored it, and am so thankful to have people in my life who help me feed the beast that is my puzzle addiction. 👹🧩👹

It was outstanding quality all around – Buffalo puzzles have almost never let me down. The fit, chipboard, piece shape, and reproduction are excellent and make for truly fun puzzles. I’m so thankful that my favorite artist licenses her work to a company that cares about it’s product; if I could only get Aimee Stewart images from Ceaco or Galison I think my poor heart would break!

Aimee and her husband Lars seem to have gone bowling with their fur baby (a Shiba Inu named Miso) – how in the world did Miso get a better score? And who programmed the computer to keep score? There is obviously a glitch somewhere; those are clearly not calculated properly.

And yes, I’m a nerd who checked to see if they were tallied correctly. 🤓

Love the snack bar, it’s so colorful with all of that neon – I would love to go cosmic bowling there! 🎳

22 thoughts on “Blacklight Bowling

  1. Beth - Anonymous Puzzle Person

    Wow, this puzzle image looks really *really* fun — the colored blacklight and neon lighting is awesome as are all those little details and fun things to find in Aimee’s images. (I should check to see if Target has this puzzle in stock, they are doing a buy 2 get 1 free for puzzles (also games, movies, books, etc…)

    I have Aimee’s “Pixels & Pizza” puzzle on its way to me — it’s taking a bit longer than usual but that’s to be expected with snowy stormy weather and shipping carriers short on staff.

    P.S. If you like neon, you may like “Neon Dazzle” by Aimee Stewart. I have no idea if it it was ever made in a larger piece count by Buffalo, mine is 300 pieces. (I found the “Neon Dazzle” box cover doing a google image search)

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      1. Beth - Anonymous Puzzle Person

        I didn’t check Puzzle Warehouse — I feel they are too pricey, they always seem to mark up puzzles a few bucks from the MSRP and charge more than the puzzle company does. And then there’s shipping costs too.

        Amazon does have the bowling puzzle ($14.95) but I rarely shop on Amazon and I’d have to find something else to put in my cart to bump it up to $25 qualify for free shipping since we aren’t prime members. Amazon is just so gargantuan which makes me nervous about how good their customer service is if I have some kind of problem with my order, like puzzles boxes squashed or damaged upon arrival, etc….

        (I also have my eye on a couple of Charles Wysocki puzzles that I adore, which also sadly Target doesn’t carry, at least online. I rarely shop Target in store.)

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      2. Beth - Anonymous Puzzle Person

        Have you ordered jigsaw puzzles from Amazon before? It’s so tempting, Amazon has a similar sale to Target going on now but even if I can’t take advantage of that offer (not all the puzzles are part of that sale) Amazon has such good prices prices on Buffalo brand puzzles……

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      3. Beth

        P.S. I was just reading some reviews on Amazon for a specific Buffalo puzzle and one reviewer mentioned that she noticed that Buffalo has outsourced some of their puzzle making to China. Not that there is anything wrong with China but that’s a bummer. I liked that Buffalo puzzles were made in the USA, and I really thought that Buffalo had their own puzzle making factory. Can you please tell me the country of origin on your puzzle box? Thank you.

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      4. Beth - Puzzle Person

        Stacey, well it’s good to hear that I’m not the only one who doesn’t really shop at Amazon.

        I did end up placing an Amazon order for three Buffalo brand puzzles — the prices were so darn good (which perhaps is how Amazon lures customers in) and I couldn’t resist the images, the images made me feel so happy!!! The puzzles I bought were $9.99 or $10.99 each — they weren’t part of the buy 3 for the price of 2 sale, but I feel I got a great deal along with free shipping since I spent more than $25.

        Your fabulous bowling puzzle was $14.99 (a good and fair price on Amazon when compared to the price on Buffalo’s site) but I didn’t get it, but if my Amazon puzzle order is a good experience I’ll consider ordering it in the future and/or keep an eye on the puzzle to see if the price is lowered.

        Speaking of local charity shop, that was something I wanted to ask you about. I guess I’m being a bit nosey. Well I am being nosey. That’s a fact 😉 But I’ve always wondered how many puzzles you keep and how many you donate. I’ve read before on your blog that you donate many children’s puzzles to your daughter’s classroom and/or school but I’ve wondered about what you do with the adult puzzles. I assemble puzzles more than once so I almost always keep what I purchase.

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      5. Beth, I don’t usually shop amazon because I pay taxes and they don’t. It infuriates me. I only use them when there isn’t another option for me getting the puzzle elsewhere. I don’t begrudge anyone else shopping there, it’s just a personal choice I make. I hope your experience is good though, and your puzzles are entertaining to assemble.

        As far as the puzzles I keep almost none of them. All puzzles are donated because I don’t have the patience to deal with selling them and I don’t have room to keep them. I keep all my wooden puzzles, and the rest are donated to thrift stores, senior centers, my “grandson”, or my daughter’s classroom. There are very few cardboard puzzles that I have kept – only ones that are sentimental, unbelievably fabulous, or rare. (And I don’t think it was a nosey question at all)


      6. Beth - Puzzle Person

        Ha ha, I have nosier👃👃🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️ questions I’d like to ask. I forget which post it was but you also talked about playing Yachtzee with the hubs and that the winner has to take the other person’s weekly cooking night for a month. That got me thinking (this is probably weird) that you have two sons at home with you, right? (You’ve talked about your puzzling adventures with them before.) I was just wondering what some of the meals are that they prepare for dinner when it’s their turn.

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      7. Both of my sons have autism and their meals are limited and repetitive. My oldest has a job and so most weeks he prefers to stop for takeout; sometimes he makes tacos with his dad’s help. My youngest usually makes spaghetti or baked pork chops by himself, or french toast with my help.


      8. Beth - Puzzle Person

        Thank you for sharing. I have a lot of food allergies and intolerances so my meals are pretty repetitive too. But with my personality (and admittedly OCD) I don’t mind same ol’ same ol’. French Toast sounds just divine! I also remember taco night with my family when I was a kid, always fun!

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      9. Beth - Puzzle Person

        Remember a million comments ago I mentioned that Amazon review I saw where the person said it seems that some of Buffalo’s puzzles are made in China now? Well it’s true.

        One of my Buffalo puzzles I received from Amazon (crazy fast delivery and we aren’t Prime Members, they must have been in the area as some of our neighbors get lots of visits from Amazon) clearly says the puzzle was made in China on the back of the box.

        The box also has a different feel/vibe, it isn’t glued shut but rather secured with a couple of clear circular stickers and the box feels more slick/glossy compared to the boxes I’m (and I assume you too) are accustomed to. I dearly hope the pieces inside are the good ol’ Buffalo puzzles pieces that I’m used to, hopefully firm and sturdy with excellent image reproduction and nary a speck of puzzle dust. That puzzle is going to be a gift for my husband so it may be a bit before it gets opened and assembled.

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