Fireplace Cuddle

Fireplace Cuddle – Karmin – 100 pieces

Such a sweet image! Perfect for my first day back at the puzzle board. It went together super quickly, and honestly, as I was putting it together I told myself “Hey, you’re still pretty good at this”. It was my very own little internal pep talk, and at the very least it made me smile.

I’m pretty sure that Penny was the one who sent me this puzzle, but I can’t be 100% positive. The memory definitely isn’t what it used to be, that’s for certain. Although, being that this is an image of a Boston Terrier puppy, it is almost doubtless that Penny sent it to me – we both have a deep and abiding love for Boston’s. ❤🐶

It might have been better to save this little puzzle for after my surgery, but I also needed a smaller one to get myself back into the swing of things to start recovering my puzzle mojo. No worries, there are PLENTY of smaller cardboard and wooden puzzles that have found their way to my puzzle room in the past week.

The PADS is severe and I self-medicated with a few online and in-person shopping sprees. 😇

I told hubby that this month I was spending a chunk of my disability money on a bunch of puzzles for myself. Being the awesome man that he is, he said “It’s about time you spent some on yourself.”

💕I love that man.💕

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