Update on Me…

Oral surgery is no joke, and to be completely candid I am feeling pretty damned awful. I desperately want to sleep, but it’s constantly eluding me; all I’ve been able to manage are small naps. My entire face hurts and the swelling is impressive, as is the pain. Ugh. Finally this morning I am starting to feel the smallest bit better, and I’m thankful for the progress however slow it is.

I appreciate you putting up with my whining. I’m doing my best to have a positive attitude (am very much looking forward to losing some weight from feeling so awful and not really being able to chew); but it isn’t easy to be in a good mood and look at the bright side when you are really hurting. I’m grateful for being able to vent and let you know how I’m really feeling. Thanks again for “listening”.

On a happier note, I’ve been forcing myself to get up out of bed when I can and sit at the puzzle table. Sometimes I just work on the blog and upcoming posts; and I’ve started a larger collage puzzle that will hopefully serve as added incentive to keep puzzling and not wallow in bed.

So there’s a 1500 piece collage on my table, a 150 piece bathroom puzzle that just got started (double-sided apple pie image with the recipe on the back), and in bed I’m working on a stunning 140 piece Wentworth puzzle of a lion.

Never fear, the puzzling continues – I’m making up for lost time. 🧩😍🧩

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