Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service – 126 pieces – Artcrystal Jigsaw?

If you’re wondering, the reason for the question mark after the brand of puzzle is because almost the entire box was written in Japanese, and the only English wording that looked like it might be a brand said Artcrystal Jigsaw. I’m hoping that’s the brand, but I can’t be certain without further information gathering – which I have to tell you I’m just feeling too lazy to do at the moment.

Worked on this with my oldest son and his girlfriend at her housewarming party at the new apartment. If you’re happy I’m finally back to puzzling you have my gently nagging puzzle buddy Penny and these two crazy kids to thank for having a small puzzle sitting on the table at the party that we could work on together. 😎

That’s my baby boy and his new girlfriend, and my hand is reaching in from the bottom left. It’s a tiny little plastic puzzle, but it’s sort of translucent, and wasn’t an easy assembly.

I think she’s planning on hanging it in one of the windows. If you ask me, it’ll be very pretty in the west window with the setting sun. ☀

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