Canine Collage

Canine Collage by Yago Partal – Buffalo (Dog Days) – 750 pieces

Obviously I’m going to love this puzzle for many reasons – great brand, collage, dogs, blocks of color, etc. It was entertaining (or so says my draft folder from last year) and although it didn’t go together very quickly that doesn’t mean it wasn’t thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

I think this is the first image by Yago Partal that I’ve done. At least it’s the first one where his name was featured on the box so that credit would be given. If there are any more puzzles like this out there they’ll definitely be on my wishlist.

This puzzle was very good quality; there was one piece slightly bent out of shape but otherwise it was an excellent puzzle.

LOVE this one! It reminds both Penny and I of Ruth Bader Ginsburg – anyone else see it or are we just weirdos?

There’s something about the light hitting this poor guy’s eyes – he looks so sad!

The Wolf of Wall Street! There’s something about this breed of dog, their faces are just too intense for me – it has to be the eyes.

2 thoughts on “Canine Collage

  1. Nancy

    Oh my gosh, she DOES resemble RBG! In my mind I’ve given her a lace collar.

    I’m a very private person and I don’t like to share much about myself, but I am making an exception because I have to tell you how much you are helping me… You are blogging at the perfect time for me. You are helping me through an unusual trauma and injury that happened last week (I was attacked by a coyote who looked a lot like that wolf of wall street). Had to have surgery on my hand. It’s wrapped up with a partial cast and bulky dressing and my whole arm looks like a club but the emotional trauma is even more intense. I don’t even have words for how much joy your blog is bringing me! I look forward to your posts even more than i look forward to Wordle. I wish I could repay the favor and bring you some joy during your own upcoming recovery. Many thanks and blessings to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Nancy, I’m so sorry that happened to you! I hope the injury will heal quickly and there will be no lasting physical damage – what an awful thing to happen. 😢

      I can’t even imagine the emotional trauma; but I’m so pleased my blog is bringing you even the smallest amount of joy. Please take care of yourself. 💖


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