In Progress

Colorful Destinations by Lewis T. Johnson – Buffalo – 750 pieces

Still in my funk I’m afraid, and haven’t touched my current puzzle in a couple of days. Hopefully today will be the day I get back to it.

The border is completed, and so are the words, and a few of the sections that I picked out on the initial sort; I’m somewhere between a third and a half done. I’d take a picture, but I’m just not feeling up to going into the puzzle room at the moment.

Hope you all have a great week. Happy puzzling!

The Writer’s Dogs

The Writer’s Dogs – Buffalo – 750 pieces

Such a great image – it was wonderful to assemble! Of course you know I couldn’t resist the dogs, but the rest of the image was perfect for a great puzzle as well. The typewriter wasn’t as easy as you might think, and the flowers were their very own special challenge. All in all it was a charming puzzle that was challenging but entertaining.

Great Buffalo quality, of course. There were a few bent pieces but otherwise no problems at all. Excellent fit, great reproduction, good cutting, and the usual Buffalo piece shapes.

I love the detail on this painting in the background – clear as a bell!

I mean, how can you resist that face? I’m certain there are plenty of people out there who don’t care for animals, or dogs in particular – but I couldn’t resist that face. The dogs were the most difficult part of the image to assemble, fur can be quite a challenge. But saving them until the end meant I was more motivated to finish and so I kept at it.

Loved this puzzle!

Krystol’s Palace

Krystol’s Palace by Ciro Marchetti – Buffalo – 750 pieces

This puzzle was unbelievably beautiful, and challenging enough to be fun and completely engaging. What’s not to love about Ciro Marchetti’s color palettes and stunning scenes?

Great Buffalo quality – pieces are slightly bigger for a 750 piece puzzle than a 1000 piece, and for me they’re the perfect size. The fit was excellent and the image reproduction was stellar. I’ve been on a bit of a Buffalo puzzles binge lately, and most of my purchases have been either Ravensburger or Buffalo; I know the quality will be good with both brands and they have a lot of images that are definitely my pile of pieces.

There’s something about the detail on this balloon, my eye is drawn to it every time I look at the image. Gorgeous!

There’s not much to say, other than the peacock’s color works wonderfully with the entire image. I’ve seen peacocks in several puzzles with Ciro Marchetti’s artwork, and they always seem to blend with the scene perfectly.

The colors are just lovely, everything fits just right. The purples/pinks, and oranges/reds of the sky, the brighter colors of the cupolas on the palace towers: it’s just a fantastic puzzle image that was completely engrossing to put together.


Dog Days In Progress

The Writer’s Dogs – Buffalo (Dog Days) – 750 pieces

The majority of this adorable puzzle was done yesterday. I’ve figured out a schedule for working on my puzzles in peace (sort of). When hubby is taking a nap that’s when I sneak off to the puzzle room for some precious alone time; if he’s up and working – it’s Netflix time! After he goes to bed for the evening I stay up and work on posts or the blog in general; and if there’s time left over I can even get some extra puzzle time in. 😎

I seem to be quite sensitive to sounds these days and working on my puzzles while anyone is around talking, breathing, moving, or in any way making noise frazzles my nerves. We share the room, but it doesn’t seem as though we’re able to both be in here at the same time. Tag team, that’s the way to go.

The only things left to do now are the three pups. Lots of fur! It will be the most challenging part, but I’m not dreading it at all, I’m actually looking forward to it. And honestly even I’m shocked by that last sentence! Usually lots of animals with fur can be tedious, boring, difficult, and/or frustrating. That may be what happens next, but I’m confident I’ll be enjoying myself anyway.

I’m absolutely LOVING this puzzle. Easy to sort but not too easy to assemble, great quality, a wonderful image for puzzling – it’s just entertaining in every way. What more could a member of the puzzle posse ask for?

The Retrievers

The Retrievers
The Retrievers by Greg Cuddiford – Buffalo – 750 pieces

My goodness was this puzzle adorably entertaining! The Retriever family’s wall of family photos made for such a fun and slightly challenging puzzle. If you find this one out there I would definitely recommend it; not only did I have a great time, but it was an excellent quality puzzle too.

I loved the size and fit of the 750 piece Buffalo, there have only been a couple other Buffalo puzzles of this piece count that I’ve assembled before. I enjoyed it very much and found the quality to be excellent. The chipboard was a good thickness, the fit and image reproduction were both exceptional. It makes me want to find some more 750 piece Buffalo puzzles with great images. 🙂

The Retrievers 1

How adorable is this face? No wonder Golden Retrievers are such a popular breed! All the different frames made sorting a bit easier, and once they were put together there weren’t as many pieces that were just the background wallpaper.

The Retrievers 2

The cuteness of this entire image made it really entertaining for me. This was a moderately easy assembly, but it did have enough difficulty to make it fun. Barking fun!

It gets four paws way up and is highly recommended. 🐾🐾