Currently In Progress…

To Fetch or Not to Fetch by John Cuneo – New York Puzzle Co. – 500 pieces

I’m not sure why my brain has decided that this puzzle is next and that it WILL BE conquered, but that’s what’s happening over here. Hopefully it’ll get a little bit better as I go along, but as of now it’s a little “iffy” – as in, I’m not sure how I actually feel about it. 🤷‍♀️

My long time readers may remember the times where I “get a bee in my bonnet” and become stubborn about finishing a puzzle no matter what; well, there seems to be another bee. Oh dear. 🐝

2 thoughts on “Currently In Progress…

    1. It’s not the daunting that’s bothering me, it’s the fit. I spent lots of time trying to get the edge pieces to fit properly. I was certain I had the pieces in the correct place (even turned them over to check) and was still wrong. I hate that!


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