Vintage Games

Vintage Games
Vintage Games – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

I’ve had an odd relationship with this puzzle, it’s been in my home for well over 2 years I think and I’ve started to assemble it several times and ended up putting it away. I’m not sure why this time was a go, but I’m glad I finally got to it – it was very entertaining!

The worst part for me is the very beginning when you see all the pieces you have to sort through. Since my method is to lay the pieces out on trays, I try to decide on several areas to pull pieces for while I’m sorting and traying. I pull the pieces for quite a few different sections for a couple of reasons; 1) to reduce the number of pieces I have to lay out, and 2) to be able to start assembling something right away. Once I have the edge assembled it makes me happy to be able to grab a container of sorted pieces and start to work.

In the case of this puzzle the sections I pulled out were the 4 game boards in the corners, the pieces with words on them, the chinese checkerboard, and the dominoes. The game boards were the MOST fun to put together, the colors are bright and the patterns are interesting. There were many words strewn all around the inside of the puzzle image, and many were hard to complete because they weren’t always easy to find.

Vintage Games 1

I was intrigued by the playing cards with the cats. They all had different phrases on them; The Future, The Past, Love Matters, The Present – what game was this? Does anyone have a clue? Almost all of the vintage games were slightly self explanatory, board games, cards, word games, bingo, etc. The cards with the cats confused me though, were they some kind of kitty cat tarot cards? 🤨

Vintage Games 2

Scrabble tiles, they make me smile. I love playing Scrabble, though no one will play with me around here. I’m pretty good at it and it gets frustrating, apparently, for my family to constantly lose to me. I understand the feeling though, I won’t play strategy games with my husband because he consistently kicks my a** at them. We each have our strengths I suppose. 😉

I’m glad I finally took the plunge and assembled this puzzle. It was fun, the right amount of challenging, and had beautiful colors. I enjoyed it very much, and it is definitely recommended. The quality was excellent, although the fit was a little looser than normal for a Ravensburger; though the image was so compelling and fun that I didn’t mind too much about the fit.

Massive Munchies

Massive Munchies
Massive Munchies – Ceaco – 550 pieces

I had a good time with this one, I usually don’t see collages by Ceaco. This was another puzzle that my daughter suggested I buy when we were puzzle shopping together. She seems to know better than I do what I’ll enjoy assembling; perhaps I’ll have to take her with me on my puzzle quests more often. 😉

Fair quality, but pieces were on the thin side. The image was fun enough though that I wasn’t deterred.

Massive Munchies 1

With all the chocolatey and sugary snacks and cereals in this image (and in the stores), this was one of my favorites when I was younger. Mom used to shop at a store we kids called the “used bread store”, they had quite a lot of Hostess products and she used to buy a lot of these pies. I loved them warmed up. I haven’t seen these in any stores in quite some time, but this one made me feel a bit nostalgic.