Happy Mother’s Day!

My gorgeous momma!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday, and if you celebrate Mother’s Day I hope it’s a fabulous holiday for you. As for me, hopefully I’ll be in bed being pampered by the kids and hubby – or sitting in front of my puzzle board putting together little pieces of cardboard or wood to make a pretty picture.

If you’re a mom – thank you for all the wonderful, tedious, brave, boring, gracious, heartbreaking, compassionate, caring, forgiving and loving things you do. Even if it isn’t spoken aloud to you enough (and it never is), it is always appreciated. If you’re not a mom, Happy Mother’s Day anyway!

Enjoy your day everyone; my wish for you is lots of love and peaceful puzzling.

Of course the picture above is my beautiful, loving, fantastic, silly, sweet, kind momma. She was the first and most important member of my Puzzle Posse and she loved sitting with me and talking about everything and nothing while we worked together on puzzles. I treasure every moment we had no matter what we were doing, her momma mojo was amazing and as friends we were the bestest of besties. She is so very missed – especially today. 💗

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